Advantage Gold Review

Advantage Gold Review

Overview: If you’re interested in checking out reviews of Advantage Gold then this is the article you want to read. Having spent time deep-diving into the company, I know a few things about it and want to share what I’ve learned. Keep in mind, that it’s certainly in your best interest to get as much information about a company as possible. Yes, that means searching for Advantage Gold Google reviews and doing additional work.

In the current world of uncertainties, owning gold can act as a cushion against deflation and inflation or an excellent portfolio diversifier. With gold in store, you’ll likely manage the financial constraints associated with geopolitical and macroeconomic uncertainties. The best part? You only pay capital gain taxes if you decide to sell the gold.

Advantage Gold is a go-to company for many individuals who want to secure their financial future through multiple US and Canadian mint IRA-approved gold coins. The company teaches its customers how to position their retirement accounts on the winning side against stock market volatility. Despite being a relatively new company in the industry, Advantage Gold has numerous positive reviews on various consumer sites such as Trustpilot and TrustLink.

This article reviews Gold Advantage Company Info and background and all other information you need to know, including ratings and complaints. If you’re looking for info related to that, then this is where you want to keep reading…

What Is Advantage Gold? – Company Info & Background

Gold Advantage prides its services on education and awareness, including insights into the different types of gold coins and old IRA transactions. Customers can enroll in the First Time Gold Investor Program to get hands-on experience on how gold and precious metals work. In addition, the company has a fully-fledged IRA Department specializing in helping new customers set up Precious Metals IRA Accounts with already established IRAs.

New customers have unlimited access to experienced account representatives through the First Time Gold Investor Program. Besides assisting you with the entire process of diversifying your investment portfolio in precious physical metals, the representatives will also explain the benefits of investing in gold. Moreover, they’ll give you step-by-step guidance on establishing the IRA account or rolling over from the previous one. Customers who bring at least $50,000 in a rollover transaction are eligible for free transaction fees in the first year. The waiver comes as a welcome bonus.

Another special offer entitled to first-time customers is the First Time Delivery Discount. This offer caters to customers who intend to keep gold and precious metals in their preferred depositories. The company will deliver them to your depository for free, with full insurance. The average delivery time is about two to three business days, depending on your location. However, you must fund your new precious metals account with at least $25,000 to be eligible for this discount.

Advantage Gold Management Team

The professionals at the helm of Advantage Gold Management Team include:

Larry Levin

Larry Levin is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founding member at Advantage Gold Management. He served in the S&P 500 trading pits for over two decades before venturing into Advantage Gold.

Larry Levin is a household name in popular business TV interviews aired on Bloomberg Television and Fox Business News. Occasionally, he does interviews on popular business sites such as,, and You can also read his previous interviews on Stocks and Commodities magazine.

Kirill Zagalsky

Kirill Zagalsky is one of the co-founders of Gold Advantage, bringing years of experience in commodities brokerage and transfer of traditional IRAs to precious metals. Kirill served as the vice president at his previous brokerage company.

He also served as the senior supervisor who trained and managed other brokers at the company. Kirill helped hundreds of customers to diversify their portfolios as a top producer at his company. Like his counterpart Larry Levin, Kirill is also a household name in Precious Metals talk shows aired on popular media channels such as NBC and other national outlets.

Adam Barrata

Adam Barraza specializes in Gold IRA rollovers, with a robust experience from working as a listed dealer in the national United States Mint. He is also a co-founder of Advantage Gold and prides his services in helping customers achieve long-term goals in precious metals investment. If you’re a high-net-worth individual, Adam Barrata is the guy to help you protect and preserve your wealth through precious metals diversification.

Besides his passion for precious metals investments and Gold IRA rollovers, Barrata is a successful entrepreneur in the entertainment industry, having won multiple awards as a writer, producer, and director. Also, he is a co-founding and Board of Directors member at a famous production company in partnership with NBC Universal and NHL.

Advantage Gold Custodian and Storage

Advantage Gold Custodian and Storage options are flexible, depending on your needs and preferences. The company works with leading custodians in the industry, such as Self Directed IRA Services, Inc. Self-Directed IRA Services offer various custodial and account administration solutions to both individual and business investors. However, you can still choose your preferred IRA custodian if you wish.

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Advantage Gold recommends its clients to two storage partners who offer insurance and valuation services for precious metals. If you opt for Brinks Global Services USA, Inc., you’ll have access to two vault locations, either in Los Angeles or Salt Lake City. The other storage partner is Delaware Depository, with a single vault location in Wilmington, DA.

Advantage Gold Products

Besides gold bullion and coins, customers can enjoy a wide variety of Advantage Gold Products to diversify their IRA investments. It is imperative to note that precious metals also have varied market tendencies, depending on economic situations. Thus, diversifying your investments with variable quantities of different precious metals is a more brilliant way of achieving financial stability even in tough economic times. Advantage Gold products include:

  • Gold

Customers have up to 11 gold coin options, including American, Canadian, and Austrian mints. The company is selective on its precious metals, and you may not have a good chance with other European or Asian coins. However, kindly note that IRA gold investment may come at a higher fee than other precious metals since it provides a perfect hedge against inflation. Moreover, its concentration is in a single asset class.

  • Silver

Investors have up to 10 options for silver coin and bullion, including American, Canadian, Mexican, and Austrian mints. Just like gold, silver also offers a perfect hedge over inflation and economic volatility. Advantage Gold also allows its customers to hold silver bars that are at least 99.9% pure. Thus, you get to preserve your retirement savings purchasing plan by protecting it against currency declines.

  • Platinum

Platinum is less popular amongst investors because many people don’t know that it can be a perfect IRA investment apart from gold and silver. It is imperative to understand that generally, platinum has a low demand compared to gold and silver. About 88 tons of platinum goes into jewelry products every year as opposed to 2,700 tons of gold. Thus, platinum guarantees holding its value as years pass, thanks to its rarity. Even so, gold’s value is still significantly more than platinum. They also offer five-coin options for Platinum IRA, including American, Canadian, and Australian mints.

  • Palladium

Lastly, AdvantageGold allows its customers to invest in Palladium bars and non-collectible coins. Palladium has the greatest value of all the four precious metals, with recent market forces valuing it at about $2,500 per ounce. The value of Palladium will always rise because its demand outstrips the supply. Remember, Palladium is a secondary product of nickel and platinum extraction; hence, miners cannot increase its production in response to the rising prices and demands. The majority of Palladium’s world supply originates from Russia and South Africa, with the latter country producing about 40%. Gold Advantage only provides one Palladium coin option from Canadian Mint.

As you can see, you have a pretty great option for precious metals in non-collectible coins and bars. You only need to talk to a professional at Gold Advantage, and you’re good to go. You can choose to invest in a single coin or diversify your portfolio with a combination of multiple options. Also, it will help if you understand that storing your precious metal coins at home simply violates the IRS codes, hence illegal. Thus, will require you to have an IRS-approved depository or bank vault storage solution.

Which Types of Accounts Can You Hold at Advantage Gold?

There is only one type of investment account a customer can hold at Advantage Gold; the Gold IRA, usually funded by deposits from your federal income taxes. This account is flexible in terms of investment diversification. Besides giving you total control over your precious metals, you can also use the balance to trade in stocks and bonds if you prefer.

However, the Gold IRA account adheres to the same strict tac regulations followed by other IRA types. For instance, account holders cannot withdraw the funds before turning 59-and-half. Otherwise, the company can impose financial penalties on you. Account-holders who turn 70-and-half are eligible for withdrawing minimum distributions.

Who Makes a Good Fit to Invest Through Advantage Gold?

Anyone who wants to protect and preserve their wealth should at least consider adding precious metals to their investment portfolio. Even so, Advantage Gold is a go-to option for the following people:

  • New Investors

Typically, burgeoning investors tend to benefit more at Gold Advantage than other precious metals firms. Many programs give you all the experience levels you would want in an investment company, including free shipping and processing fees during the first year.

  • Dedicated Investors

Regardless of how much wealth your business amasses, it is always prudent to think about the future. If you’re a dedicated investor, you’ll find Advantage Gold helpful in protecting and preserving your wealth for long-term gains.

The company advises its clients to hold onto their precious metals for about a decade. Thus, you end up experiencing the full financial benefits without losing money on markups and other costs.

Why Choose Advantage Gold Over Other Companies?

Advantage Gold prides its services on honesty and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Generally, the company stacks up better than other precious metals companies because of the following reasons:

  • First-Timer Investor Programs

Advantage Gold has a fully-fledged team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals to help first-time investors set up their accounts.

The programs help investors become well-rounded and accustomed to precious metals. Besides setting up a new account for you, the professionals will help you differentiate the types of precious metals available and roll over your previous IRAs into precious metals IRAs.

  • USA Mint Approved Dealer

Many investors shy away from precious metals due to the fear of losing their hard-earned money to fraudsters. Advantage Gold is a duly approved and licensed USA mint dealer.

Moreover, Gold Advantage professionals worked as dealers in the US Mint before venturing into the company. This gives you a peaceful sleep and consciousness knowing that your gold and other precious metals are safe and genuine at all times.

  • Safe and Secure Storage

IRS requires safe and secure storage for all precious metals, preferably in an approved depository. In that case, you can count on Advantage Gold because it has partnerships with reputable storage and custodian firms.

For instance, the Delaware depository in Wilmington has more than 200 years of experience in holding and storing precious metals. Their vaults feature innovative security measures to guarantee maximum safety.

  • Complimentary Services for New Customers

As noted, new investors tend to benefit the most from their investment programs. For instance, you can get up to two welcoming bonuses for signing up to set an account with the company, including a fee waiver if you invest at least $50,000. The other welcome bonus includes free, rapid delivery for investments of at least $25,000. However, you’ll only be eligible for the free delivery if you opt for physical ownership.

New investors also receive a complimentary copy of The New Case for Gold, written by James Rickards, a renowned best-selling author. The book gives investors a more in-depth insight into protecting and preserving their wealth against inflation. It also highlights the importance of portfolio diversification and how precious metals can come to your rescue in financially turbulent times.

  • The Company Buys Back Your Precious Metals

Unlike many precious metals firms around, Advantage Gold can buy your precious metals right back if you want to make cash off your investment. It is this flexibility that makes the company win the hearts of many investors.

The selling process is pretty easy and guarantees a fair price for the precious metals. Customers need to complete a form and send it to the company via email or fax to sell their precious metals.

After authenticating the form, the company will determine the buyback amount before transferring your precious metals to another vault and remitting the funds. The whole process typically takes about a day or two.

  • A Free Guide for IRA

You can download a free guide for IRA from Advantage Gold’s official website even before joining the company. The guide helps you determine whether Advantage Gold is the right investment partner for your needs and insights into keeping your net worth in a good spot through precious metals. The information in the guide also includes rolling an already existing IRA into a new one.

After joining the company, you’ll discover that Advantage Gold is a resourceful center for precious metals education. The company’s professionals offer various learning opportunities through webinars, charts, workshops, and video lessons. Besides helping you diversify your investment portfolio, Advantage Gold cares about giving you the best learning experience.

  • Excellent Customer Care Services

The secret to customer retention for any business is excellent service and customer care. Advantage Gold reviews show that your expectations will be met in both departments.

Advantage Gold Reviews, Ratings, and Complaints

Most of the Advantage Gold reviews are positive, signaling 100% customer satisfaction among many investors. You can read the company’s reviews, including its ratings and complaints on various authority sites such as Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating, TrustPilot, TrustLink, Consumers Affairs Accredited, or even Google. Trustpilot alone has more than 900 Advantage Gold reviews despite the company being in operation for less than a decade. 99% of these reviews have stunning five-star satisfaction from investors.

TrustLink follows with more than 500 reviews, with 99% rated five out of five. BBB site has the least reviews; only 25, with the majority, rated five-star. Besides the positive feedback from investors, are there any criticisms or complaints about Advantage Gold? Yes, Advantage Gold received two complaints within the last three years. However, unlike many precious metals firms, Advantage Gold remedied the issues within a reasonable period.

Advantage Gold Contact Information

You can connect with precious metals professionals through the following Advantage Gold contact information:

  • Website: Advantage Gold
  • Address: 12100 Wilshire Blvd Suite #1450 Los Angeles, CA 90025
  • Phone: (310) 800-2473
  • Establishment: June 2014

Wrapping It Up – Is Advantage Gold Legit?

Gold and precious metals make one of the most diversified investment options you can opt for this year and beyond. However, you’ll only reap all the benefits if you invest through the right gold IRA Company. For instance, you would want a regulated firm that provides a safe and secure way to invest using the latest technology and tools.

Most importantly, you would want high-quality customer services that enhance your general investment experience. Opening a precious metals account or rolling over the previous IRAs is a crucial decision you wouldn’t want to go wrong. Thus, it will help if you read the full reviews of other companies, too, before choosing your go-to option.

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