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Our Fiscal Security initiative began as a collaborative effort involving Demos, the Economic Policy Institute, and The Century Foundation. These organizations are dedicated to promoting an economic path that achieves fiscal responsibility without weakening our nation. Currently, our country’s foundation— a thriving and growing middle class— is facing challenges such as declining incomes, lost wealth, high unemployment, and record foreclosures. Instead of strengthening our economy by investing in public structures, our elected leaders are under pressure to reduce the federal budget deficit.

Our top priority in 2024 is to ensure the stability of your wealth and retirement savings. We firmly believe that to address our long-term national issues, we must educate all classes on alternative assets such as precious metals.

To pave the way for widespread prosperity, we need to create new jobs, invest in critical areas, modernize our revenue sources, and lower healthcare costs. However, achieving these goals will require an informed and engaged public to help shape our national priorities.

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