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Are you looking for the best company to assist you in investing in gold and other precious metals or setting up a Gold IRA account? There are many precious metals investment companies out there, but one that stands out from the rest is GoldBroker.

With hundreds of precious metals companies available, it is best to know more about each before making a decision if they are reliable or meet your needs.

What is Are they reliable? What services and products does the company offer to investors? Continue reading to learn more about a precious metals investment company.

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Started in 2011 by Fabrice Drouin Ristori, GoldBroker is considered the top contender when it comes to gold investments. The founder started this company to assist people in taking advantage of gold investment benefits. Before the development of this company, the owner discovered the significance of investing in silver and gold but also keeping it in a safe place outside of the nation to secure your precious investment.

Sharing this wisdom to make these promises with his customers was another objective he had when founding this business.

At this point, the main office was situated in London. They employ 15 skilled and qualified workers to assist people in making the best investment choices for their retirement portfolios.

This company provides free delivery to clients based in the U.S for silver and gold orders. Also, they ship globally, including in France. All gold and silver orders are safely packaged and insured during delivery.

To improve the safety of your funds and investment and, at the same time, ensure the silver or gold ends up in the right clients, you have to sign for the shipping to accept the parcel. Once you buy precious metals that amount to more than $250,000, the item will be shipped through an armored vehicle service.


GoldBroker Management Team

The company was made possible with the effort of these individuals:

Fabrice Drouin Ristori

Fabrice Drouin Ristori

Founder and CEO Fabrice Drouin Ristori is from France and a renowned investor and financial entrepreneur. Also, he is an expert in silver and gold investments and started the company 11 years ago.

Board Member Egon Von Greyerz

Egon Von Greyerz

He became a considerable part of the investment and financial industries in 1990. Egon served as an asset allocation advisor for private families and their money working on mergers as well as acquisitions all through those years.

In the first quarter of the 2000s, he turned his attention to silver and gold as the most efficient ways of securing assets and wealth. He began the top world gold management firm Matterhorn Asset Management AG in 2005 in Zurich.


When you decide to deal with this company, you will be able to invest in silver, gold, and bars. Here are the various products investors can choose:

Gold Items

Gold American Eagle Coin: 1oz or 1-ounce gold bars

Gold American Buffalo Coin: 1oz

Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coin: 1oz

Gold British Britannia Coin: 1oz

Gold Austrian Philharmonic Coin: 1oz

Gold Australian Kangaroo Coin: 1oz

Gold Valcambi Bar: 1oz

Gold Credit Suisse Bar: 1oz

Gold Valcambi Bar: 100gm

Gold Credit Suisse Bar: 100gm

Gold Valcambi Bar:500gm

Gold Valcambi Bar: 250gm

Gold Valcambi Bar: 1kg

Silver Items

Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Coin: 1oz

Silver Australian Kangaroo Coin: 1oz

Silver Austrian Philharmonic Coin: 1oz

Silver British Britannia Coin: 1oz

1 kg Valcambi Silver Bar

1 kg Asahi Refining Silver Bar

Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bar:100oz

One kilogram Silver Bars

GoldBroker Storage

The founder of this gold broker believes that looking for a safe location to stock up on gold, silver, and other precious metals is very important. You can decide to have precious metals like gold shipped straight to your location; keeping these metals in a safe, well-guarded facility can assist in securing them from damage or theft. has a groundbreaking idea in the field of offshore gold storage. The company insists on investors being its custodians. As a matter of fact, they decline ever to be a bullion caretaker for a customer’s holdings of gold coins and other precious metals.

The company also collaborates with Malca-Amit- a storage partner. This is an entirely independent company from GoldBroker.

This storage partner directly issues out metal ownership certificates clearly stating the name of the client and the serial numbers of all bars, which makes it apparent who owns the silver, gold, platinum, or palladium.

For offshore precious metal storage options, the company needs to be more easily bested. They provide Switzerland with the type of Zurich vaulting; aside from this, the company features three other international vault options such as:


New York City, United States

Toronto, Canada

The mainstream of the company’s New York-based vaulting is for the holders or owners of American Gold IRA accounts who should store their precious metals in the United States territory, according to the strict Internal Revenue Service or IRS retirement account rules and regulations.

If you come to a decision to stock up on your gold, silver, and other precious metals in GoldBroker, rest assured that they’re 100% safe. You can schedule an engagement anytime to inspect or assess your metals. This storage provider follows strict guidelines and security protocols as well as totally ensures your precious metals.

Buyback Program

Once you stockpile your gold via GoldBroker, Malca-Amit will ensure the liquidity of the precious metals. Anytime you choose to sell gold or bullion, submit the order details, and once confirmed, the bars and coins will be liquidated, and the company will do the wire transfer. Review: Is There Any Issue?

Customer reviews and feedbacks play a vital role in determining the reliability and authenticity of the precious metals investment company. If you do not know anybody who has dealt with GoldBroker, you can check some online reviews on different sites.

While writing this GoldBroker review, we check different review sites such as Business Consumer Alliance or BCA, Better Business Bureau (BBB), Trustpilot, TrustLink, as well as Google to determine what previous investors and customers have to say about their past experiences dealing with this company.

You will see in the information below that there is only one review site where we can’t find reviews about this precious metals investment company, and this was TrustPilot.

This company, at this point, has yet to get any customer feedback on many different review sites, including the BBB or Better Business Bureau, BCA or Business Consumer Alliance, Google, and TrustLink. We also discovered that the BBB does not accredit this company.

On the other hand, the reviews we found on the Trustpilot website were all positive. In fact, GoldBroker got a high rating score of4.8 out of five stars. This precious metals investment company is reliable and trustworthy. It is good to know that your investments are in good hands.

If you decide to deal with an investment with few reviews from previous clients, there is a chance of losing your funds. You might be completely happy and content with your choice since small amounts of feedback do not indicate any issues. On the other hand, it’s a stake, in view of the fact that you do not have the experiences of past users or clients to assist you in getting a sense of what you are able to look forward to.

Here is what we found:

TrustLink: Not reviewed

Business Consumer Alliance or BCA: Not reviewed

Google: Not reviewed

Better Business Bureau or BBB: No review available; non-BBB accredited business

Trustpilot: 4.8 out of 5 stars rating (with just 36 reviews)

Is a Scam?

Many of you may ask if GoldBroker is a scam because it is not rated by some of the most popular review sites like Better Business Bureau. We are sure that this company is legit and not a scam. GoldBroker has many years of experience in the investment business.

They have been in the industry for 11 years, and it seems improbable that a firm that wasn’t genuine would be able to stay this long. What is more, the founder of this company is also reliable in the world of finance and investment. Research shows that the owner of this company is also the proprietor of two other businesses associated with online gamine. In fact, before putting up the GoldBroker, he had already managed a private investment company.

We have already provided vital information about this company. Now, the decision is yours, whether you choose to give this company a try. On the other hand, we can provide you with suggestions based on what we would carry out if our funds were being invested.

GoldBroker may not be our number one option. This is because of many reasons, first and foremost, customer reviews are minimal, and only one review site rated this company. Trustpilot is the only review site that has reviews and only 36 correspondents. If you compare the number to the hundreds of customer reviews of some investment companies, it looks like an extremely small number.

There is also some issue with the website. Well, at the time this GoldBroker review was done, it had fewer choices of gold and other precious metals than the many products provided by other investment companies. If you look at their products, there were just 22 coins and bars to select from.

There also needs to be more information about IRA services on their official website. While the company sells some IRS gold and silver coins, you will have to look for an independent IRA custodian firm to deal with if you are interested in making precious metals IRA and rolling over a current retirement account.

GoldBroker Features

This precious metals investment company has amazing features such as:

GoldBroker provides gold and silver coins as well as bars for customers and investors alike

Investors have their gold and silver delivered straight to their doorstep or select from any secure storage choices the company provides.

Gold and silvers are delivered for free in the U.S.

Packages are totally insured for delivery to secure the value of the investment.

Storing your gold and silver with the company’s storage associate, they assure you they will buy back your bullion should you decide to sell it in the future.

GoldBroker’s site has a Publications and Charts section to learn more about gold and silver investing. Pros and Cons

GoldBroker, like other precious metals investment companies, also comes with advantages and disadvantages, such as:


The company has worked with Malca-Amit, an extremely reliable storage firm. They provide vault storage choices in different places internationally, such as Zurich in Switzerland, Singapore Freeport, Singapore, New York, USA, as well as Toronto, Canada.

All silver and gold orders deliver for free in the U.S.

Bars and coins are insured during delivery to secure your investment

The company provides diverse, secure storage choices for its customers to select from


Despite the many perks, there are also some flaws, such as:

There is no custodian between you and your precious metals

It is simple to take delivery of the gold and silver physically

Owners or representatives might visit the vault anytime they want without a representative from the company.

Vaults and the bullion within are stored outside of the central banking system

Certified by the London Bullion Market Association

Lack of online reviews available, as opposed to other precious metals investment firms

The array of metals or products offered is not extensive

No information regarding IRA services is listed on the official website

Not transparent pricing, most especially on commission for procurement

Storage charges are sliding scale rather than a flat rate per year.

To Sum Up Things Up

Now that you know things about, you can decide if this firm is the best for you and your investment requirements. There are many remarkable things about GoldBroker, like free delivery of your gold and silver bullion orders, insurance, safe and secure storeroom options, a buyback program, and four different storage locations.

On the other hand, there are also some reservations in relation to recommending this company to purchase precious metals because of the few client reviews and the limited choices of precious metals available. In general, the option is yours. Through this review, you will be able to decide if these precious metals dealers are worth the try. For precious metals owners, don’t forget to be smart and wise when it comes to investment. That goes for investigating any company, even Augusta Metals which is known for being great.

For those curious, the links directly below lead to the offers the top three companies have today. You might want to read the American Hartford gold reviews before making a decision. Of course, you should read all the reviews before investing any money. It’s a wise choice and decision to make. Afterall, you money is what sets you up for success in the future and for years to come.

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#1 Overall Gold IRA Company (2023)
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