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Goldco Owner & CEO: Who Is He?

This article sheds light on some of the Goldco owner questions that I’ve received over the years. It explains everything you need to know about the owner and CEO, why he’s a good leader for the company, and why it’s important to know who’s running the company you’re investing in today. For those of you looking to invest but also looking for more details, please read my review of Goldco for more information. Now, let’s get right into it and start with the facts…

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#1 Overall Gold IRA Company (2023)
Goldco Precious Metals

The industry's top and most trusted company, with customers buying over $2 billion in precious metals. Qualify for up to $10,000 in free silver. Holding an A+ BBB rating and Inc. 500 award 7x winner.

Goldco Owner Facts & Information

Are you familiar with Goldco? A reliable and prevalent precious metals IRA company today?

If so, ask who owns and operates this company. This is very important for you to have an insight into the company in general.

Why Proper Knowledge Is Vital

Many customers of any precious metals IRA companies wish to dive deep into acquiring as many details as possible before making an investment.

This guide was created to provide factual information regarding one of the most reliable financial services firms today.

The precious metals IRA world has lots of scammers, so you must be aware of who to deal with. Trevor Gerszt owns Goldco. Keep on reading to know why he is the best CEO of this precious metal company.

Trevor Gerszt: Who is He?

Trevor Gerszt is the creator, chief executive officer, or CEO of, a privately held company and a premier precious metals firm with headquarters in Calabasas, California.

This company helps in long-term wealth management via asset security or protection.

With the use of gold, silver, and other precious metals and alternative investments or assets, Trevor has many years of experience in the stock market and in assisting traders wanting to secure their wealth. It doesn’t matter if the company is facing challenging times or roaring.

The Popularity of Goldco Precious Metals Company

Goldco was named the number one gold IRA provider by the Inc. 500. Goldco is also very popular among media, as you might have seen them in different platforms such as:

Better Business Bureau

Red Voice Media

Fox Across America

The Sean Hannity Show

Fortune Magazine

Breitbart Media

Business Consumer Alliance

Those are only some of the 100 platforms you will see this firm being talked about. You will only be the number one provider of physical gold IRA in the USA if you get buzz constantly on any platform, the main subject being financials.

Many adore the consultative method this person takes with the media, and you can tell his manner rubs off on his firm as they use educational and non-pushy people who thoroughly and patiently explain how precious metals investing can be a part of portfolio diversification.

During an interview with Gerszt, the interviewer asked him a hypothetical question regarding investing. The interviewer asks him if a person who has been investing in the S&P a month in $599 increments must be doing something different.

Gerszt replied:

“I am not a financial advisor, but I have worked with thousands of individuals that want to diversify their portfolios. In this scenario, I divide that $500, take 20% of my savings, and leave it in cash. I would then take 40% and put it in gold and silver. For the remaining 40%, I would go into the market. The fundamental idea is to diversify your money to hedge against any economic factors, global pandemics, or market volatility.”

Based on his answer, you will see that he understands the financial market well. We have witnessed companies get extremely pushy and recommend they go all in on gold, silver, or other types of precious metals.

That is extreme, and you must have diversity in your portfolio if you want to navigate complex markets. Simply because a kind of asset has outpaced historical downturns in the economy doesn’t mean you must be over-invested in which idea.

Another good thing about Goldo is the reasonable fees which are in tune with the precious metals industry. Simply because this company is the best when it comes to retirement savings doesn’t mean they charge higher to their clients.

The Best CEO So Far

As of now, we haven’t met a skilled and professional CEO; Trevor Gerszt is an excellent example of trustworthy CEO. Goldco stands out when it comes to asset protection.

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