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GoldStar Trust Company Review

With over three decades of experience, GoldStar Trust Company is one of the industry-leading custodians in self-guided IRA accounts. They have opened over 37,000 accounts and claim to be responsible for purchasing $1.9 billion in precious metals for their clients. They don’t limit their business to just precious metals, either, as they also specialize in a variety of niches including:

  • Church investments/bonds
  • Swiss annuities
  • Private investments
  • Custodial accounts
  • Hedge funds
  • Non-US bank IRA’s

Because of their extensive and diversified experience, GoldStar Trust Company consistently ranks among the top best gold IRA companies. If you’re looking for an IRA company and you’re curious about whether they’re for you, consider this GoldStar Trust Company review.

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Who is the GoldStar Trust Company?

GoldStar Trust Company , which was founded in 1989, began its business as Colonial Trust Company, and they now provide specialized services as not only self-directed IRA custodians but also trustees and escrow/paying agents. Not only do they specialize in many alternative assets for your IRA, they also welcome your IRA ideas and will work with you to bring them to reality.

GoldStar Trust Company is currently headquartered in Canyon, Texas.

GoldStar Trust Company Products and Prices

GoldStar Trust Company focuses mainly on its specialties: IRA accounts, custodial accounts, precious metal IRA accounts, publicly traded securities, church bonds, and finances, private investments, and other investment-related services.

If you are looking for the fees for GoldStar Trust Company’s Precious Metals IRA accounts, you can find the following information on their website :

  • One-time Establishment Fee: $50
  • Annual Maintenance Fee: Minimum: $75 Maximum: $275
  • Annual Depository Storage Fee: Minimum: 100 Maximum: None
  • Exchange, Buy or Sell: No Fee
  • Transfer In-Kind or Partial Distribution: $40+ Cost of Shipping
  • Overnight Fee: $25/transaction
  • Wire Fee: $25/transaction
  • Full Termination Fee: $100 Flat Fee
  • Initial IRA Set-Up Fee (Depending on Account Value): $225-$450
  • Recurring Annual Fee (Depending on Account Value): $175-$400

You will also be required to pay other non-refundable fees, which include:

  • One Dollar per $1000 of Market Value Greater Than $100,000 or 10 Basis Points
  • One Dollar per $1000 of Precious Metals Value Greater Than $100,000 or 10 Basis Points

The holder of the IRA will be responsible for insurance expenses, as well as shipping and handling costs.

Be aware: One negative that hits GoldStar Trust Company is that they charge each of their clients annual fees on a sliding scale, which means that as your investment increases in value, the more money you will pay in fees to Gold Star Trust Company through the years. The more common industry practice is charging a flat fee.

Key GoldStar Trust Company Website Pages

If you want to poke around on GoldStar Trust Company’s website, you will find a lot more information about investing and their company. Some of the key GoldStar Trust Company website pages you may want to focus on include:

  • Precious Metals IRA
  • Precious Metals Storage
  • Fees

GoldStar Trust Company Contact Information

When you’re ready to contact GoldStar Trust Company, you can do so with one of the following options:

  1. Website:
  2. Email: [email protected]
  3. Phone: (800)-486-6888
  4. Fax: (806) 655-2530
  5. Mailing Address: 1401 4th Avenue, Canyon, TX 79015

Final Thoughts on the GoldStar Trust Company

You’ve read this and likely other Goldstar Trust reviews by now. Experts in investing typically agree that your retirement portfolio should consist of 5-20% precious metals. This will serve two purposes: 1. Protection against inflation and 2. Boosting the value of your retirement savings in the event of a recession or depression.  This means you want to be very careful in how you invest that small piece of the larger puzzle that is your retirement portfolio.

If you are looking to invest in precious metals or other alternative avenues, you have many options in who you choose to be your custodian. With their dedication to helping consumers with their retirement accounts and their cost-effective service, you can see why GoldStar Trust Company is consistently ranked in the top five IRA companies.

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