Petra Picks Review

Petra Picks Review: Is It Legit or a Scam? Find Out!

Trading stocks is now widely used by many people to improve their stability. However, there is tough competition in the stock market. If you are a beginner, you should enhance your stock trading skills. In this review, we will discuss one of the trading platforms in the industry. We are talking about Petra Picks.

Do you want to know whether it is the right trading platform for you? Keep reading.

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Who is Petra Hess and Petra Picks? 

Petra Hess is the president of the Petra Hess Group. She is also the founder of the Petra Picks trading program. With her effort and dedication, she became a self-made millionaire. Ms. Hess was also Douglas Elliman Real Estate’s vice president and had positions in different companies.

Petra Hess also worked in telecommunications, the cosmetics sector, and livestock businesses. Ms. Hess started stock trading at 25 when she raised 1 million dollars from her business ventures. It allowed her to invest in the stock market.

Petra Picks is a stock-picking program that is owned by Raging Bull Investments. In just a month, it can guide you to learn how to successfully trade stocks. You should have a broker account for your investment portfolio. Additionally, you can access computerized trading algorithms for stock markets. It can help you launch market trades.

What are the products of Petra Picks? 

As you choose Petra Picks as your stock trading platform, you can enjoy the following products.

Platinum Program 

The Petra Platinum program ranges from $3,999 yearly. It can offer you access to get text and email messages, stock watch lists in video format, live coaching through seminars, and stock selling and buying alerts.

Gold Program 

The gold program is about $1,596 annually for membership and enrolment fees. The program allows you to access the stock watch list daily.

So you can view what the active stocks are. In addition, you can access online training and video training and receive text and email messages of stock selling and buying alerts.

Power Trading Programs 

The power trading program ranges from $1,999 every month. The program operates in 4 parts:

  • Foundations of technical analysis
  • The trader’s mindset
  • Risk management
  • Putting it all together

It was a coaching service about trading securities, so you can learn the skills to have better runs for your trades.

Who should choose Petra Picks Gold Services? 

Petra gold services can help to achieve stock trading success. It is ideal for individuals who are just beginning to trade stocks. It is an excellent educational tool for newbies. It can give enough tips and information for winning strategies.

Petra Picks is also suitable for those who don’t have enough time to learn to trade stocks. You can successfully trade after going through training and coaching sessions. It can also benefit those who want to trade part-time. Full-time employees and students who wish to increase their income may use Petra Picks.

What are the training fundamentals in Petra Picks? 

Petra Picks run its programs through fundamental ways to run trading training.

Grow your Income 

The coaching in 3 programs will help you improve your insights about the stock market and trading tools and provide investment advice to increase your trading profits. With the best advice, you can effectively trade even for short periods.

Grow as a Trader

Here, you will learn about basic trading skills in Canadian stock markets. So you can trade stocks successfully. You can train to hone your trading instincts and enhance your trading acumen to boost your net worth.

Grow your Wealth 

Petra Hess will offer you training to increase your net worth on your investments. It also helps you to lower losses with better risk management. So you can get higher returns.

In this Petra Picks review, we will also reveal if the trading system is a scam or not.

Is Petra Picks A Scam? 

Petra Picks is a legit power trading system. It can be your efficient stock trading tool. Petra Picks is not a scam because it has received endorsements from reputable financial websites and famous trading investors.

Petra Picks has been operating for more than eight years. There are success stories from their coaching sessions. Additionally, Petra Hess also shared her trades which had the best results. It only proves her wide experience in stock trading.

With the website of Petra Hess and peer reviews, including the well-recognized trading expert like Jeff Bishop, it is proven that Petra Picks is a legit company.

Pros and Cons of Petra Picks 

Petra Picks come with specific advantages and disadvantages. Let’s find out in this Petra Picks review.


  • Petra Picks have positive reviews and feedback for those who have gone the power trading programs and peers in the industry
  • It deals with US and Canadian stocks
  • Petra Picks is an easy-to-use program that offers a step-by-step process to learn and be a successful stock trader
  • The coaching sessions are designed for all, both those who have knowledge or don’t have basic trading skills but wish to improve their skills and be successful in stock buying and selling
  • Petra Hess has eight years of experience inspiring confidence


  • Inflexible no refund policy
  • The programs are quite expensive
  • No free trials
  • Stringent cancellation policy with a 2-business day notice period
  • They don’t have live customer support on their website
  • If you don’t cancel on time, the automatic renewal can be costly
  • It doesn’t have an option for monthly or other payment plans

What’s next after you pay for the service of Petra Picks? 

Once you pay for a Petra Picks membership, you will receive login details that allow you to access the members’ website. In addition, you can acquire four videos on DVD which cover four main topics and the 6-step program dubbed Six Steps to Maximizing Your Trading Profits and Managing Risk.

You can also access other services, including trading tools, charts, and stock market indicators curated carefully after extensive testing and research. You can access the member’s site as you pay and get the login details. Then, you can have unlimited access to the coaching sessions of Petra Hess anytime. The member’s website also has a live chat that offers quick access to the customer service department and Petra Hess.

What is the refund and cancellation policy of Petra Picks? 

We will also discuss the cancellation policy Petra Picks have. You should remember that you can’t refund your money when you make a payment in Petra Picks. There is no partial or full refund for any of their programs. Even if you cancel, you can’t re-access your cash once you make payment.

You can get to the program and access the training sessions. You can directly pay Petra Picks with your credit card. Petra Picks doesn’t have an arrangement of monthly and other payment plans. After the payment, you will instantly receive curated analytics, newsletters with market leads, and trading stats that will present the latest stock news.

In Petra Picks’ refund policy, you can’t get a full or partial refund even if you mistakenly select the wrong product, misuse a coupon code, or choose a new promotional event. If the program duration is over, your billing system will renew your membership for the program automatically.

If you wish to cancel the automatic renewal plan, you should contact their customer support department and cancel your renewal. The cancellation policy of Petra Picks is not flexible; you should do it at least two business days before the date of automated renewal to be effective.

Petra Picks Review Summary 

Petra Picks is owned by the Raging Bull family and offers an excellent training course to learn trading strategies for a decent profit. However, you should remember that trading with the company is also associated with some risk, so you should still be careful. Fortunately, the program will offer you products and tips, including a watch list and trading alerts.

The raging bull company is also not registered as a securities broker-dealer. It only means that they can’t trade on your behalf. It is also a little bit costly to enroll in. Luckily, Petra Picks is a legit trading program. You have peace of mind since it is not a scam. The time, effort, and budget you invest in it are all worth it.

Why should you choose the services of Petra Picks? 

Your investment portfolio in Petra Picks can offer you many benefits. Aside from having a market watch and financial advisory, the following are why you should choose the program.

Excellent customer support 

Once you become a member of the trading program, you can access unlimited customer support through their live chat. If you encounter problems or have questions about their services, you can contact their customer support team.

Offers trading tools 

The company allows you to access trading tools to reduce financial crises and have potential steady gains. With this, you can improve your trading skills and strategies and make the best of your trading experience.

Reliable and legit program 

You don’t need to worry since Petra Picks is a legit trading system you can use for your trades. Petra Hess is a professional trader who has achieved a million dollars through her dedication and hard work.

Improve your trading skills 

Once you join Petra Picks, you have a chance to enhance your trading skills allowing you to get more gains. You can also access tools that can help you reduce the risk of losing your money. Meanwhile, there’s no guarantee of no associated risk when trading the company, so you must be careful in your trades.

Final Words 

With the help of this Petra Picks review, we hope that you decide whether Petra Picks is the best power trading system for you or not. To sum it up, Petra promises that the program can be your efficient investment advisor and is a proven path to success in Canadian markets.

It can offer you buy and sell alerts to help you trade effectively. Some of its drawbacks are its refund and cancellation policy. You can’t have a refund once you make the payment. Generally, Petra Picks has more benefits than its drawbacks. If you want to level up your trading experience, you can try the services of Petra Picks.

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