Red Rock Secured Review

Red Rock Secured Review

Update: Red Rock is no longer on our top list of IRA companies to invest with today. Instead, you’ll want to check out Augusta Precious Metals. That’s the more reliable company for serious investors. 

This Red-Rock Secured review encompasses all the information relating to the products and services offered by Red Rock Secured. In this Red Rock secured review, we will focus on the claims of Red Rock secured on their services.

The Red Rock secured appears to be quite reliable upon a cursory examination. They even have outstanding reviews on Consumer Affairs, and they have a fantastic BBB rating. Unbelievably, this business receives nothing but positive feedback from its clients.

What is Red Rock Secured?

This privately held company based in Southern California is a leading precious metal dealer. Their overarching objective is to offer their clients excellent customer service, safe products, and education. They make a claim to be a business that places the highest priority on honesty and integrity.

Anyone can browse their extensive instructional resources on their website. Additionally, they provide a historical background of their products, the precious metals industry, and even portfolio diversification best practices with clients. Their experts provide their own analysis of the situation of the stock market.

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Why do I Recommend This Company Over all Others?

  • A+ Accredited BBB Business Rating
  • Fastest Growing Gold IRA Company 2022 INC 5000
  • 4.9 Consumer Affairs Score
  • Lowest Minimum Investment Requirement
  • Best Home Delivery Gold IRA Options
  • #1 Price Protection Benefit 

What are Gold IRAs

safe retirement

A gold IRA, also known as a self-directed IRA, is an investment vehicle where you can hold physical gold bullion. A gold IRA allows you to diversify your retirement portfolio. You can hold a large position in precious metals to diversify your retirement portfolio.

IRA stands for Individual Retirement Account, and an IRA is a retirement savings account opened and operated by individuals or entities where taxes are not withheld on the contributions made.

Physical gold is a tangible asset that cannot be altered, bears no liability exposure, and cannot be produced at will by any bank. Despite inflation, market instability, political unrest, currency depreciation, terrorist threats, and war, physical gold and silver have existed for many years.

They also retain their worth. Precious metals function as strong pillars of defense and a barrier against these destructive influences, whereas inflation and the ongoing depreciation of bank notes erode purchasing power.

Gold IRA with Red Rock Secured

Gold IRA with Red Rock Secured

With Red Rock Secured, They manage all the documentation and hassle of transferring your money from risky paper assets, including stocks and bonds, to your newly constructed self-directed Gold IRA. Your funds or current retirement is maintained by a verified custody partner.

A Red Rock specialist will work with you to decide which precious metals are best for you and your investment after you have selected the precious metals you want in your accounts to safeguard your retirement. Red Rock Secured gives every customer the knowledge they need to know about the gold items they are purchasing, as well as how and where those products are securely housed in certain precious metals safe deposit facilities in the USA.

Gold IRA Storage of Red Rock Secured

All of the company’s goods are insured by Lloyd’s of London. As far as precious metals insurance goes, this insurance provider is among the best. They assert that you are not in a very low danger of being stolen or hacked if you change all of your resources into precious metals.

Storage and other fees are not disclosed by the business. They assert that Kingdom Trust is one of the businesses they collaborate with. Keep in mind that custodians demand separate purchase and maintenance costs, many of which are annual.

Products Offered by Red Rock Secured

Products Offered by Red Rock Secured


Gold is well-known as one of the most sought-after materials in the world. It’s prized for its rarity, beauty, and versatility, and for millennia people have valued it for its unique, luxurious color. Gold is prized for its rarity and its beauty. And gold is prized for its versatility.

Investing in gold may not be for everyone. If you like to play it safe and don’t have a lot of money to invest, it may not be the right choice. However, if you want to diversify your portfolio, gold is an excellent asset to consider. Gold is durable, so it has the potential to retain or increase in value over time. Many investors choose gold as a hedge against inflation.

When it comes to coins, gold has always held its value well. As a precious metal, it retains its value over time and is resistant to corrosion. Unfortunately, gold coins with a long history are also influenced heavily by the price of gold. Gold coins that are coined during years of relatively low gold prices will often be worth more than their face value.


Silver is a precious metal, and it’s used to make jewelry, coins, silverware, electrical equipment, and instruments. Silver also helps improve indoor air quality, prevent food spoilage, and repel insects. Silver has been valued for thousands of years. It is softer and more flexible than gold, yet its density is almost the same.

Silver bullion is probably the best investment you can make. One ounce of silver bullion can be worth ten to twenty times more than the same weight of gold. But silver tends to be more volatile, meaning it is prone to fluctuations in price. Today, silver bullion prices are generally higher than they were a year ago, so it’s a good time to buy silver coins and bars.

Silver coins are investments that have many characteristics that are useful to an investor. They are easy to buy, store, and handle. Unlike gold, silver coins are not prohibitively heavy or expensive. Silver also has a long history of ownership, which makes its ownership a more tangible investment than gold.


Platinum has long been valued as a precious metal. Investing in platinum as an investment has skyrocketed in recent years. As an investment, platinum has many advantages over other precious metals, such as gold.

This is because platinum does not tarnish, making it a good option for jewelry and other objects that might be exposed to water. Platinum is also rare and thus more valuable than many precious metals for its weight. Platinum’s rarity only two percent of the planet’s crust consists of platinum, and its conductivity makes platinum an excellent choice for use in electronics, and the platinum used in jewelry has exceedingly high purity.

The Platinum coin, also known as the investor’s coin, is a coin made of pure platinum. The coin was made in limited quantity. The coin’s value is based on the Platinum spot price, which is high. The platinum coin is an excellent investment opportunity for people who want to increase their wealth.


Palladium is a silvery-white precious metal that shares many traits with platinum, including remarkable strength, hardness, and brilliant reflectivity. But palladium is less expensive, meaning it’s often used in jewelry and other industries. In fact, the palladium products and market is now worth more than platinum, and palladium is quickly becoming “the” metal for jewelry.

The value of palladium has fluctuated considerably over the past few decades, but it has also remained relatively steady over long periods of time. This stability makes palladium a popular material for investment purposes. The metal strikes a balance between price, supply, and demand, making it a viable precious metal investment choice that has the potential to pay off in the long run.

Red Rock Policies and Insurance

The ideals and policies of this business are frequently discussed. The corporation thought that its professionals could provide knowledge of the precious metals industry to anyone.

They offer guidance and share the best techniques for enhancing your retirement wealth. Calling the Red Rock secured will get you advice on how to tailor your goals while diversifying your portfolio.

Red Rock secured an offer, Asset protection as one of their top priorities. They promise that by using their services to invest, the value of your portfolio will never decrease completely.

They assert that the value of your investment will not be zero. Technically speaking, they haven’t actually lied to you if you put $2 million into your gold IRA account, but then one day, it is abruptly only worth $1. However, this doesn’t exactly give me a lot of confidence.

Red Rock Secured Protection

Never a zero rule. Red Rock Secured is in the industry of preserving their customer’s retirement and investments because investing is by its very nature “high-risk and high-reward.” The Red Rock secured guarantees to the gold investors that when a client invests with Red Rock Secured, their investment will never be worthless.

Red Rock Secured Care for Clients

Your investment’s security is the Red Rock secured top priority. Thus we commit to open lines of communication based on mutual respect and integrity. The satisfaction of their customers is a shared triumph for them

Red Rock Secured Provides Knowledge

Informed customers make for the best customers. To best assist individual diversification strategies, they offer a high degree of investment knowledge, expertise, and historical data. They also provide knowledge of the precious metals market.

Red Rock Precious Metals IRA Services

Red Rock Secured maintains a primary concentration on precious metals IRAs, similar to a number of other businesses.

The IRS-approved precious metals can be contributed to an individual retirement account and purchased with funds set aside for retirement.

They must be kept in a location where the IRS has granted permission, and all rules and documentation must continue to be in order. Bottom line, Red Rock secured does offer precious metals investment.

How Does Red Rock Secured Work?

Online services are provided by Red Rock Secured. Start by going to the business’ website and completing the gold IRA registration if you’re willing to convert or diversify your assets into a gold or precious metal IRA.

You must include your name, address, phone number, and email in order to complete the registration. This will create your precious metals investment account

Following the approval of your application, a Red Rock representative will get in touch with you to arrange a free consultation to determine that precious metals investing is the best course of action for your future. Your representative leads you to complete the three-step process at Red Rock Secured.

Transfer Your Money to Red Rock Secured

The Red Rock secured only does secure, tax and penalty-free transactions. Red Rock Secured offers competitive rates, flexible terms, and convenient features for transferring your money. You can transfer money online or in-person; either way, our secure transfer process is easy and straightforward, so you can complete the process quickly.

Convert Your Cash, Money, and Retirement Savings into Gold and Other Precious Metals

For most people, money is nothing more than a piece of paper that exchanges goods and services for goods and services. However, to some monetary metals, such as gold, silver, and platinum, money has a much more tangible value.

Securing precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum are valued for their uses as monetary metals. They are more valuable because they retain their value. Also, they are highly liquid and can store value over a long period of time.

Ship and Receive Your Precious Metals

Red Rock Secured will send the precious metals to your address. The Red Rock secured will also offer a secure storage facility that you can check anytime.

Red Rock Secured Fee (Cost)

Customers are charged a storage fee by Red Rock Secured for their precious metal. Depending on the quantity and placement of your precious metals, the charge might range from $125 to $300 yearly. The Red Rock Secured site claims that approximately 90% of its customers do not pay any fees, but many of the Red Rock secured’s customers are eligible for “zero fees for life.”

Red Rock Secured has a “never zero” strategy that promises that Red Rock secured will never allow its clients’ portfolios to reach zero, despite the fact that engaging in precious metal IRAs or gold IRAs can be difficult. Additionally, Red Rock Secured claims on its webpage that all silver and gold transactions made by consumers come with price protection.

The Red Rock secured also has the gold buyback program. This will allow you to sell your precious to the Red Rock secured immediately without fees.

Red Rock Secured on IRS

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) deems gold to be a form of tangible property that can be transferred from one owner to another. This can be useful for wealth preservation and estate planning purposes.

Red Rock secured wants to prove that the IRS has exceptions to its rules. IRA account holders can benefit specifically thanks to these exemptions. Actually, gold IRA loopholes are nothing special. Basically, this is how the IRA account tax laws operate.

They assert that penalty-free property transfers are a significant loophole. Bonds and equities can be converted into precious metals without incurring an early withdrawal fee. Although it’s not really a loop, this is how things typically operate. It does, however, suggest that you must exchange all of your equities and bonds for precious metals.

Red Rock Secured Ratings & Reviews

The company has received a high rating from the better business bureau and business consumer alliance. It also received a lot of positive reviews from Trustpilot. The company website has a toggle page to redirect the reviews.

Keep reading for a quick rundown of what I’ve learned about the site ratings and customer reviews which have been published…

Consumer Affairs rated Red Rock a 4.9 out of 5.0 and that’s based on 130+ reviews.

Next on the list is BBB which showcases the 4.74 of 5.0 rating, another positive review for RRS!

Trustpilot shows a 4.8 rating in their company verified profile and its based on more than 160 ratings from consumers.

There there’s the BMOGAM Viewpoints article which points out plenty of pros of the company, enough to be convinced that it’s a great option for an investor today.

Next up is the Penn State University Collegian article which is a student review led publication and this review has nothing but positive things to say about the IRA provider.

The Retirement Living article is showing a nearly flawless rating and it was published or at least updated in 2023, which tells us the positive rating streak remains here.

A new company on the block called the Digital Financing Task Force had really good things to say about Red Rock as well.

The LendEdu guide and review covering all aspects of Red Rock Secured Gold IRA shows a 4.9 editorial rating.

Last but not least, the Linkedin review has nothing but positive things to say about this company.

That sums up everything you need to know about other sites talking about today.


In conclusion, Red Rock Secured is a legit investment. That offers Gold ira and other precious metal IRAs with high risk. It also has excellent ratings and reviews. However, some information, including the full storage costs and fees, is not entirely transparent.

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