Swiss America Reviews

Swiss America Reviews

Swiss America is a trading company that helps, advises, and guides customers to make the most optimal choices in coin investment. It looks forward to providing Americans with safety, liquidity, quality, reliability, and profit potential through gold and silver coins. If you’re looking for information on the Swiss America coins, then you’ve come to the right place. If you’re asking yourself questions such as, “Is Swiss America legit?” and “What is Swiss America?” then this article is a must-read today! Keep reading below to learn everything, kicking things off when it was founded…

Founded in 1982, the Swiss America Trading Corporation has helped thousands of people to diversify their income by investing in precious metals. Tangible assets make for the best type of investment because they ensure more safety than any other investment out there. This company affirms that if anyone follows the Swiss Diversification Strategy, they’re determined to maintain the value of their money in a world of declining paper currencies.

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How Does Swiss America Trading Corporation Works?

The Swiss America website can function in two main ways, depending on the type of consumer. People can either investigate how to invest in precious metals and their actual price on the market by reading its vast information that’s useful to educate clients or as a retailer of numismatic coins if they’re already familiar with what they want out of the investment.

However, if they decide to proceed with the purchase, there are simple steps they must follow to close the deal with Swiss America.

The first step for assembling their portfolio is to have a discussion with their account executive and select the coins they wish to invest in. Then, they are going to be called via conference by the trading department of Swiss America to confirm availability and reserve the coin for them.

After that comes the payment, which clients can do through wire or check. Then, their coins get shipped to wherever they want. Clients can also check the performance of their portfolio on their website and request a periodical evaluation from the company’s group of experts.

If someone decides to liquidate their coins, they are going to be sold at market price for them to get their fund. Swiss America also offers the possibility to get a refund at the same price the coins were bought to ensure no one loses any money.

Swiss America provides complete guidance throughout the whole process by its financial experts to make sure everyone has successful investments during their experience of buying numismatic coins.

Cost & Plans

This is going to depend on the clients’ needs, but people can check out the current price of gold, silver, and platinum on its website, which makes it a lot easier to decide how much to invest at a specific time.

However, one of the most famous products of Swiss America is $20 gold coins and silver dollars. These are investment-grade coins traded worldwide based on their rarity and overall qualifications. They are 100% private and remain one of the few non-reportable assets you have access to.

Investing in Gold Coins

When investing in precious metals, gold is the first one that comes to mind. That’s why it is the most highlighted by the Swiss America Trading Corporation. This metal is one of a kind and is well-known because of its durability, malleability, and conductivity of electricity. Its price isn’t affected much by the regular movement of the market and depends more on the behavior of gold hoarders over the world.

Some countries even have opted for using gold as a national treasure to maintain their economies during wartime or political crises that might result in inflation and financial concerns. This metal has positioned itself as one of the most powerful in the whole world, capable of maintaining countries, and now able to keep people’s savings safe and sound.

Investing in Silver Coins

The value of silver is a lot more volatile than gold due to its much more diverse use. It doesn’t get hoarded as much, which makes it more prone to fluctuations of offer and demand. However, it has helped loads of economies, especially in the Middle East, and it’s the centerpiece of many electronics we use nowadays.

Silver coins can be used the same way we use gold and platinum coins. Nonetheless, understanding how the market tends to behave differently with these precious metals allows clients to make better investment decisions and create a business out of the rare coins they buy from Swiss America.

Investing in Platinum Coins

This is the last of the precious metals that Swiss America has available for everyone to buy. It is often traded at a higher price than gold because of its rarity. However, its price resembles how silver prices behave, as both are used in construction rather than jewelry. This is why they’re prone to increase and decrease in a volatile manner.

Most of the platinum is directed towards the automobile industry, and the rest is well divided between jewelry and chemical refineries. In that order of ideas, platinum mines are concentrated in South Africa and Russia, which creates a potential for hoarding.

These factors make platinum the most expensive and the most volatile of precious metals, which makes it a double-bladed sword when purchasing any addition.


You can find several positive reviews on the Swiss America website. It received an overall rating of 4.86 out of five stars on the Better Business Bureau, also featuring zero customer complaints on said website.

Swiss America has managed to create a fantastic business consumer alliance, which puts it ahead as one of the leaders in trading precious metals. After going through several Swiss America customer reviews, it is determined that most of them are satisfied with the service and understand every part of the trade without too much hassle.

Its clients created strong gold and silver numismatics portfolios with neat professionalism while educating themselves throughout the whole process. Swiss America also came up with a group of experts that users claim to have fantastic customer service and have helped them from the moment they create their account until they decide to liquidate their U.S gold.

This confirms the ratings and reviews found of the Better Business Bureau and assures a high-quality service and an incredible numismatic consumer alliance.


You can’t read any Swissamerica reviews without covering the other options out there. So, let’s go through some of the main competitors of Swiss America and what they can offer to their customers.

Money Metals

This company offers competitive prices and low-cost shipping for a vast selection of precious metals. It’s beginner-friendly as it counts on ample and professional portfolio options. However, its shipping can be slow, and it’s incompatible with PayPal.


APMEX as a company offers a wide selection of metals to choose from, as well as a seven-day return policy and solid customer service, backed by its online reputation. On the other hand, it is pricier than its competence, and the shipping tends to be slow.

JM Bullion

This company is very well-known because of its competitive prices, low shipping costs, and excellent user interface. However, it doesn’t sell its products internationally, which reduces its market quite a bit.

Personally, we endorse purchasing all precious metals at Augusta Metals.  Read our full review on this page.

Bottom Line

Swiss America Trading Corporation is a fantastic trading company to ensure that savings remain secured throughout time. It offers a grand business-consumer alliance and consultations from its Swiss American experts that are meant to guide its clients through all the market trends and prevent them from internet scams.

Don’t hesitate to visit their website and start trading today.

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#1 Overall Gold IRA Company (2023)
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