My Retirement Paycheck, a trusted resource for retirement and financial information, is pleased to announce that we’ve been acquired by Our Fiscal Security. This strategic move will allow us to continue to expand our reach and provide even more valuable insights and support to retirees throughout the United States.

About has been a trusted source of retirement and financial information since its inception in May 2010. Founded by Edwin, an expert in alternative investments like gold and surviving market turbulence, the platform initially aimed to provide answers to retirement-related questions, covering topics such as work, social security, home and mortgage, insurance, pensions, retirement plans, debt issues, and fraud prevention.

Over the years, My Retirement Paycheck evolved to focus on specific retirement-related subjects, including retirement investing, ideal retirement locations, financial education for seniors, 401k and retirement accounts, and precious metals, like gold IRAs. Edwin’s expertise extends to retirement planning, investment strategies, health care planning, and tax planning, with a focus on precious metals and their tax benefits.


Our Fiscal Security (OFS) is an initiative born out of a collaboration between Demos, the Economic Policy Institute, and The Century Foundation. Now run independently from the initial collaboration, we continue to remain dedicated to promoting an economic path that achieves fiscal responsibility without compromising the well-being of our nation.

Our primary focus in 2024 is to ensure the stability of your wealth and retirement savings. OFS firmly believes that addressing long-term national issues requires educating people from all walks of life on alternative assets, such as precious metals, and advocating for policies that create new jobs, modernize revenue sources and control costs.  We cover companies that sell direct bullion and gold bars, such as BullionMax, all the way to companies that help you diversify your retirement portfolios by showing you how to buy gold in an IRA.

Some of our top recommended firms for this powerful retirement move have been allowed our site to be featured in many media, and our Augusta gold IRA reviews have brought many new eyes to this method of safeguarding retirement accounts through buying gold.

We urge all investors to read our 401k to gold IRA rollover tips ahead of what could be a very turbulent year.

Through the acquisition of, Our Fiscal Security expands its reach, bringing more awareness to millions of Americans living throughout the United States today.

Why the Acquisition Makes Sense

The acquisition of My Retirement Paycheck by Our Fiscal Security aligns perfectly with the company mission and goals. Both organizations share a commitment to providing retirees and soon-to-be retirees with trustworthy information and helping them make informed decisions. By joining forces, we can combine our expertise and resources to offer an even broader range of valuable insights and support.

My Retirement Paycheck’s focus on alternative investments and financial education compliments Our Fiscal Security’s mission to promote fiscal responsibility and educate individuals about alternative assets like precious metals. Together, we can empower retirees to make more informed choices about their retirement savings and financial future.

In conclusion, this acquisition is a significant step forward in efforts to support retirees and promote fiscal responsibility. We are excited about the opportunities it brings and look forward to continuing our mission of providing retirees with trustworthy information to help them make better decisions for retirement living.

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