Great American Mint Review

Great American Mint Review

In today’s fast-paced world, many people are getting interested in precious metals to increase their finances. In addition, there is also an increasing rate of private mints.

In this article, we will discuss one of the top mint and refining companies. We are talking about the Great American Mint.

Do you want to know more about this company? If yes, this comprehensive Great American Mint review is for you.

Short Background of Great American Mint

The Great American Mint is considered the Great American Mint and Refining Company. It is a big, privately owned mint and refinery in the North American region.

It was founded by Phil Dodge and Nelson Brewart way back in 2011. It is now owned by Marvin Butler.

It started its operations in 2013. It operates in the biggest mint and refinery plant in the nation. It is based in Anaheim, California. They take pride as the country’s best direct buyer of precious metals, including copper, gold, and silver.

The mint comes with a state-of-the-art refining plant. So, you can expect precious metals are melted down and refined to purities of .999 or higher.

The refinery also produces silver rounds, silver coins, copper bullion products, and silver bars. What makes Great American Mint unique over other precious metal dealers is that it boasts its onside analytical laboratory, which applies X-ray fluoresce, wet chemical analysis, atomic absorption, and fire assay to determine the purity of collected precious metals.

The chemists and technicians of the Great American Mint utilize inductively coupled plasma equipment for precious metals detection. In its early days, the company started with silver as its main precious metal.

With their continuous success, they are now providing different services such as buying and selling retail and wholesale bullion, custom bullion minting, purity grading of silver, palladium, platinum, and gold, as well as state-of-the-art refining.

Products of Great American Mint

The company sells and produces various services and products. The Great American Mint provides bullion production, custom minting, and commercial refining for precious metal dealers. They also aim to offer their refining and minting services to foreign countries.

Some of their top products are:

Silver Bars

Great American Mint also provides silver bars with the logo of the company. They have bars that feature an obverse image printed on it.

Silver Rounds

The Great American Mint makes 2 categories of silver rounds. The first category includes rounds designed by external designers or the company.

The other category includes silver rounds that have images of iconic US silver coins from the 19th to 20th centuries, including the following:

Mercury head dime paying homage to mercury dime of 1916 to 1948.

Walking Liberty half dollar design of 1916 to 1947 coin. It was used now on the silver bullion coin.

Morgan silver dollar design from 1878 to 1904 coins paying homage to George T. Morgan.

The buffalo nickel of 1913 coin with the famous James Fraser design.

Gold coins

It is a fact that gold is among the top investments to produce money. It is also used in making jewelry, ornaments, and other products. The company has different gold coins from US mints and other private mints in the world.

Platinum coins

The mint can offer you a wide range of platinum coins like proof coins and bullion coins.


Copper was an alternative for currency before. It was still used and available in various sizes and shapes for customers.

The Great American Mint also offers custom rounds and medallions on order. The company also has investment-grade bullions that are famous with sovereign states. These are also used for striking coins and creating commemorative coins and plaques.

Among the most popular customers of the Great American Mint are the United States Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, and the British Royal Mint.

How to purchase the products of Great American Mint?

Precious metals purchase from Great American Mint can be made in person or online. There are also accredited vendors who buy and sell the products of the Great American Mint.

You can make payments through PayPal, bank cheques, credit/ debit cards, and bank wire transfers.

The delivery of the products online is performed via postal services. For expedited delivery, you will incur extra fees.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Great American Mint

Every company has its specific drawbacks and advantages, and the firm is no exception. Great American Mint pros and cons are also revealed in this review.


  • It has assured security
  • The Great American Mint is environmentally conscious
  • The mint offers customized and exclusive products
  • The company has top-notch products
  • It allows you to invest in precious metals


  • The Great American Mint has limited information online
  • Due to delivery and shipping restrictions, you can’t purchase the products from some countries

Are there potential risks associated with the Great American Mint?

As a precious metal investor, it is natural that you don’t want to deal with a terrible company.

So, are you curious whether it is the right company for your investment or not? If you want to find out if the Great American Mind & Refinery is a reliable company, you can check reviews of the company. You can also visit different review sites for the firm.

You can find reviews about Great American Mint on various sites, including glassdoor, indeed, and bullion directory. If there are fewer reviews, it doesn’t mean that the firm is not worth your investment.

It is also a good idea to conduct more research to know the validity of the Great American Mint.

Is Great American Mint worth it?

If you want to gain money from your gold, coins, and other precious metals, the Great American Mint can be for you. They can provide you with special offers since they only have quality products that will satisfy you.

Dealing with the company will catch your interest since they can provide excellent customer experience to create the best impression for their products and services.

The time, money, and effort you invest with the company are worth it because they care for the needs of collectors. If you have questions about their services, you can get a quick answer from their friendly customer support.

Final Verdict   

With the help of this Great American Mint review, we hope that you already decide whether the company is the best partner for your precious metals investment.

It is among the top private mints you can trust for your investment in several coins and precious metals.

To sum it up, Great American Mint is one of the companies that you can trust for your precious metals collections and coins.

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