Golden Eagle Coin Review Review

Are you planning to invest in gold or silver this year? If so, working with a trustworthy and reliable company is vital to ensure that your funds and investments are safe and sound. In the world of precious metals investment, scams abound.

So, follow the rules, and look before you leap.

With regard to acquiring gold and silver or other precious metals, you have to deal with the company that fits your requirements.

On the other hand, that can be a big challenge considering that many precious metals investment companies are floating on the market.

One reliable company you can consider is Golden Eagle Coins. If you are unfamiliar with this firm, read this review. This will help you determine if this is trustworthy or not.

Is Golden Eagle Coins legit or a scam? Continue reading!

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Who Is Golden Eagle Coins?

Gold Eagle Coins is a reliable precious metals company that offers its clients different kinds of gold and silver bullion products. However, they also sell silver and other precious metals.

There are also collections of American Gold Eagle Coins, bars, and leafs available and suitable for bullion collectors and investors.

This is the oldest primary gold bullion dealer and was founded and 1974 by Mr. Bob Mangels.

He is a coin fanatic, had previously run a coin-operated Laundromat, and began collecting rare coins which came in the machines.

It was not long before he decided to put up a new company in the collective coins and the precious metal business, and this was the start of the Gold Eagle Coins.

Golden Eagle Coins began in a physical storefront in the Washington District of Colombia, where it still has an expansive showroom.

Now, the company has a branch in Laurel, Maryland. It is a family-owned and operated company that currently provides a core line of bullion products at its official website.

The company has fair pricing for small orders, with generous discounts for bulk orders.

Golden Eagle Coins Products Offered

As mentioned above, the company sells an extensive selection of precious metals. Typically, they prioritize coins; however, they also provide bullion bars.

The company’s bullion products take into account gold coins, bullion coins and bars, platinum, silver coins and bars, and copper and rhodium products.

The collections section takes account of pre-1933 coins, dimes, cents, nickels, and others. They operate offline and online via their physical stores in Washington, DC, and Laurel.

How does Works?

Purchasing golden eagle coins or bullion from this company is simple and easy. You must drop by the storefront in Laurel or Washington and engage their staff directly or visit the Golden Eagle Coins website.

You can also access the wide selection of products via an online website, making ordering more straightforward and faster.

Just visit the website, sign up, choose the preferred products, add to the cart, and put in the shipping address. Then, you can proceed to review and place the order.

Accept Several Payment Options

They accept payment options such as Money Orders, Paper checks, and Credit cards.

The company is also considering accepting Bank Wire and Bitcoin as payment options.

Price and Charges

The price you will incur is determined by the amount and kinds of coins or bars you choose. Coins and bullion bars are of differing weights, and so is the pricing.

In general, Golden Eagle Coins provide competitive pricing. With a delivery fee of only $9.95, the company’s shipping rates are the lowest.

They also offer free delivery if you order over $99. However, they don’t disclose its precious metals IRA fees.

Pros and Cons

This review is not complete without knowing the pros and cons of this company. Let’s start with the pros.


Wide Choices of Bullion

This company has a wide selection of bullion bars, coins, and collectibles.

They have one of the most extensive inventories in the industry of precious metals, which means you are able to find any item you want at good prices, including the proof golden eagle.

There are also Circulating coins made for circulation but not delivered to the Federal Reserve Bank. There is also uncirculated coins.

Golden Eagle Coins provides free delivery on purchases of more than $99.

Also, the shipping rates are lower compared to other precious metals investment companies. You are only required to pay $9.95.

User-Friendly Website

The official website is easy to navigate, and items or products are listed in a simple format. Users can easily browse the store and choose the products they want in just a few minutes.

The checkout is fast and simple, too, with many payment options to select from.

Physical Showrooms

The company has retail showrooms in Baltimore and Washington, DC. So, you can personally visit the store and inspect the products, which reduces the chance of getting scammed.

Years of Experience

The company has been in the business for more than 40 years, so it means they have been providing remarkable services and attracting new customers over the years.


IRA Fees Not Disclosed

Sad to say, precious metals or Gold IRA account fees or charges are not disclosed on the official website. This brings confusion as we are not aware of what we are expected to pay ahead of time.

Negative Reviews

Negative reviews and feedback on the BBB or Better Business Bureau or no BBB rating mean the company might have dropped the ball and no longer offers amazing services and products than in the past. But it has a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating in Business Consumer Alliance.

Are There IRAs?

The company provides IRAs. In fact, they meet the standards for IRAs.

This is why many people include this company in their gold IRA accounts. You have full control of your IRAs, as most are self-directed.

If you decide to buy a gold coin or silver eagles coins, you must ensure that the orders you will make are worth over $1000. Other charges are as follows:

  • Transaction fees
  • Storage fees
  • Administration fees
  • Commission fees

If you are looking just for coins, we suggest you check out AcreGold.


Is a scam or a legit company? Yes, the company is legit. There are a wide collection of products offered.

The company disclosed information regarding the owners and founders, including the physical address.

If this company is a scam, it will not stay in business for a few years.

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#1 Overall Gold IRA Company (2023)
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