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Gold Fellow Review

There is nothing better than the convenience of having an establishment right in your hometown, and when I started writing up my Gold Fellow review, I knew that this local business in Weston, Florida, would be one of particular interest to a lot of the local Floridians who have heard the Gold Fellow advertisements around town.  Today I’ll give you a detailed summary of what they do, how long they’ve been around, and what people are saying about them on peer review sites.

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Who is Gold Fellow?

Gold Fellow, LLC, “Where your gold is worth more,” was founded by Robin and Michael Gusky, both of who have 30 years invested in the manufacturing and distributing of karat gold jewelry before they decided to get into the cash for gold business.  They seek to give you a convenient way to sell gold, silver, platinum, or even diamonds and earn top dollar.

How Does Gold Fellow LLC Operate?

Gold Fellow

The process to start selling your gold is straightforward.  I’ve outlined it below in detail:

Step 1. Fill out the form on their website.  On this form, you’ll be able to select how you want to obtain your label to ship your goods free of charge as well as how you’d like to be compensated.  They offer checks, wire transfers, or Paypal.

Step 2.  Organize your items and take them to your nearest FedEx store.  When you get a tracking number you’ll be able to see when your goods arrive at GoldFellow.

Step 3.  When your package arrives at their facility, it’s opened and recorded on camera so you are protected and given full transparency of the whole procedure.  We’re talking about gold and valuables here, so this incredible measure is something I put a lot of value on.  They will test and grade your goods and you’ll get an offer posted to your online account.z

Step 4.  Sign in to your account and either accept or decline their offer. Should you decline, your gold will be returned for free via FedEx.

Your goods are insured up to $2,500.  There may be gold dealers out there with higher amounts of insurance offered, but for most people who want to sell something small that’s all you need.  If you have valuable jewelry or gold, it’s best to contact them to ask about additional insurance or practices to ensure safety.  

Your estimate will come up very rapidly on the GoldFellow website.

If you are local to Florida, you can come visit their Weston location and get a FREE no obligation, in-person evaluation of your precious valuables.  You don’t need an appointment and they speak Spanish as well.

While on the topic of gold, we’re a retirement savings-focused blog.  Make sure you read this article about gold IRA rollovers.  

Gold Fellow Location

GoldFellow, LLC

1930 N Commerce Parkway Suite #5

Weston, FL 33326


Gold Fellow Reviews

A quick look around showed that most people were very happy with the operations of this company.  Not only do they have an “A+ rating” at the BBB, but they are also very solid across all other peer-review websites where their service is tracked.  Some of the comments seen were that their employees were friendly, their process was rock solid, and that they were professional throughout the entire deal.

If you are looking to buy gold, check out Gold Line.  If you are looking to get cash for gold, Gold Fellow should be a company to be considered!


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