Gold Avenue Review

Gold Avenue Review

Precious metals provide a unique way to invest money that will hedge against inflation.  Ask any financial advisor and they will harp on the same messaging about how you need to diversify your portfolio by holding precious metals like gold, silver, and palladium to help you protect your wealth from market volatility and set yourself up for financial success when you decide to retire.

There is no shortage of companies in this space that can help you invest in precious metals, and it can be daunting at times evaluating all of the firms out there that will double down on the same messaging and install fear in your brain.

Gold Avenue is a company you may have seen in your online searches.  If you are looking to hear more about them, read this Gold Avenue review and see how their services stack up against the stiff competition.  Everything will be laid out for you so you can decide if Gold Avenue is a company you want to invest with.

Before we go in depth, we understand that making an important financial decision should not be taken lightly.  With our exhaustive search to find the best companies, we have compiled a list for users to review.

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Gold Avenue’s website shares that they are the official online retailer of the MKS PAMP GROUP. The MKS PAMP GROUP has over 60 years in the precious metals industry and employs over 700 people in its 15 offices across the globe.

Gold Avenue Background Information

The Gold Avenue employees are 20 precious metals investment advisors who guide their clients investments.  Decisions are based on needs and proper portfolio allocation.  Alessandro Soldati paves the way as the leader of Gold Avenue and Omar Liess is the Chairman of the Board.

Gold Avenue Precious Metals

The following precious metals are offered:

(Currently being updated.)

Gold Avenue Precious Metals Storage

You can have your metals shipped directly to you or you can elect to keep them in a fully allocated and secure storage facility in Swiss AAA Rated vaults.

Your metals will be secure, and you can rest assured that all of your holdings will be fully insured against theft, damage, or other loss.  If you want to sell your metals while they are in storage, you have that option and no commission will be charged.  Your metals belong to you, and only you. It’s up to you to have them delivered or shipped elsewhere at your heart’s desire.

Gold Avenue Complaints & Ratings

When analyzing any company, it’s best to look around and hear what past and present customers are saying about them.  You can’t always just look at a website and believe everything you see presented to you.  Real customers will tell the real story and give you insight on the good, bad, and ugly.  From there, you can make a smart decision.

While I stumbled upon Gold Avenue, I look at reviews posted to the Better Business Bureau, Trust Link, Trust Pilot, and the Business Consumer Alliance.  All of these are credible, reputable resources that have been around for quite some time.

There weren’t any reviews on any of the above sites other than TrustPilot.  This doesn’t mean that this is a bad company, but it also doesn’t show me a lot of social proof that I’d expect from someone who does any volume.

I do recommend reading other reviews to make fair comparisons of companies today. For example, if interested in Swiss America, I’d read my Swiss America review to learn more before investing with them. The same would apply to Gold Avenue.

Is Gold Avenue Legit or is it a Scam?

I don’t see any reason to be fearing doing business with this company, and everything looks legit.  But, when I look at Gold Avenue, it’s not the best solution out there for precious metals investing.  We’ve spent a lot of time looking at this space, and the big players all have a larger footprint online.  Again, this doesn’t mean you can’t do business with them, but it doesn’t give me a ton of confidence being the lack of social proof.  It’s also not an accredited business with the BBB.

There are literally hundred of companies in the gold investment space that are.  Augusta Precious Metals is accredited.  I urge you to check them out.

Early Retirement
Early retirement will give you more time to do the things you love.The company also doesn’t offer IRA services, which is sort of a big deal to us being that we are a blog that helps people set themselves up for early retirement.  Buying precious metals in a retirement account is the best way to get ahead of the curve and diversify your portfolio from all angles.


If you are in the market for precious metals, it’s a good choice.  We’ve had many articles posted here that talk about the importance of gold, and even silver.  If you haven’t read our gold vs. silver article, that will help you understand the subtle differences between the two metals.  However, in the case of the Gold Avenue ratings, it wasn’t our top choice.  Again, do your own diligence and find the company that is best for you, just remember that we tried to help out in advance by posting all the information we could about this company so you could spend less time on it.

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