Bullion Star Review

Bullion Star Review

Investing in precious metals is a sound investment decision, especially in a slowing economy. And precious metals, like gold, silver, and platinum, are more attractive than ever.

The demand for precious metals is rising because investors are turning to gold and other precious metals as their hedge against inflation. Before we look at how to invest in precious metals, it’s important to know the company to buy your precious metals.

Bullion Star is a Singapore-based company that deals with bullion of precious metals. If you are thinking of investing and buying precious metals, check out this Bullion Star review.

This review will focus on Bullion Star company, its product, and its services. This Bullion Star review provides accurate and reliable information to investors and customers.

What is Bullion Star?

A Singapore-based company named Bullion Star. Offers an online store where customers can purchase precious metals. Customers from all around the world can use this store to deposit cash and receive gold or silver in exchange for complete transparency from the company.

The company offers competitive prices and services on its products. The business provides customers with access to secure vaults, walk-in showrooms, and much more.

One of the easiest ways in the market to purchase precious metals bullion is through Bullion Star. People won’t experience any issues with their accounts when investing because the company operates in one of the most secure places in the world.

Bullion Star is a bullion dealer that sells precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum bullion bars and coins. By taking advantage of Bullion Star’s low fees, secure shipping, and insurance, you can purchase precious metals at affordable prices without the high cost of broker fees.

Bullion Star aims to simplify the process of buying precious metals and is able to provide some of the lowest premiums in the industry.

Bullion Star Product and Services

Bullion Star Store


Bullion Star’s showroom allows the customer to compare and observe precious metals in a safe environment. Gold, Silver, and Platinum. In a relaxed, private environment, you can shop and compare face to face.

Browse a large selection of gold coins, bars, and sales lots. Then, make informed, knowledgeable investment decisions. It’s also important to remember that a buyer’s bullion storage in Singapore is close to the showroom.

Making it easy for them to check it during business hours. Additionally, each customer is permitted to pay with cash and carry.

Cash and Carry System

The phrase “cash and carry” refers to the practice of retailers selling goods to their customers for cash or only taking payment through cash, check, or charge later.

A short bet on a futures market or a long trade in precious metals can be taken under the cash-and-carry system. In these circumstances, the buyer can maximize their investment.

Some customers prefer to visit a business’ physical site to evaluate the quality of the offering or speak with staff members in person.

Goods and Service Tax

The GST is levied on goods and services sold by traders and service providers and is collected by GST-registered traders on behalf of the towers authority. It is an indirect tax placed on Goods and Services that were paid by customers.

In a Singapore-based business, customers just need to pay the entire cost of the precious metal in order to proceed; they are exempt from paying these taxes.

Anyone with questions regarding this service can contact the provider. International investors choose to work with Bullion Star for this one reason.

If you want to take advantage of the tax benefits of buying precious physical metals, do a transaction with a company like Bullion Star or companies listed in the United States that are recommended as precious metal dealers.

Precious Metals Website User Experience

In Singapore, Bullion Star provides excellent customer service for buying gold and silver. People will note how everything is nicely categorized as they access the website. The website offers a variety of alternatives for customers to choose from, whether they want to buy or sell gold and silver.

It is safe to assume that the service is secure enough for local and international investors who wish to open an account since no one has experienced any issues with accessing the payment service.

Customer Service

The company provides good customer service to their local and international customers. The customer care agents render 24 hours services. Many customers have complimented the excellent customer service of Bullion Star.

Storage Platform

The Bullion Star offers a protected environment for the goods and products stored in its vault storage. The company offers two locations of vault storage and safe storage. The safe deposit facility located in Singapore is the most popular, while others can also choose the vault storage in New Zealand.

It’s important to feature that customers can purchase, sell, or withdraw from their stored products whenever they choose and have complete control over them. These vaults feature a steel-barred cage that is enclosed and heavily fortified with security. The Singapore retail shop and the Singapore safe storage are integrated.

The New Zealand warehouses, on the other side, provide each user with insured and certified storage, without bullion tax, and complete online access at the most affordable price.


Clients don’t need to worry about any issues with their purchase because Bullion Star uses fully licensed and insured storage services. The Bullion Star team is dedicated to responding quickly to any problems that may arise with the transaction, storage, and any other aspect of the customer account.


Bullion Star Products

The company website shows the product categories for easy and fast browsing. At the moment, the company website mostly deals with gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

There are no issues with people choosing the product and service they desire in their accounts. Bullion Star has investors’ needs in mind, whether they wish to buy precious metals as a wonderful souvenir or for any other reason.

Sell Precious Metals Like Gold or Silver Bullion

Gold Bars

Gold bars are an investment, not something to spend money on. Gold bars also have intrinsic value and have a history of being used as currency. Gold bars are created by melting down the gold metal and cast into bars.

Silver bars

Silver bars, also called bullion bars, are bars of silver that are produced and sold just like a gold bar. The price of silver is a fraction of the price of gold, so silver bars, like gold coins, are a popular investment.

While some precious metals are reputed to be investment grade, silver is generally considered too poor to be used as such. However, if it’s stored in a secure, dry environment, silver bars can accrue value over time.

Coins and Other Products

Gold coins

Gold coins are one of the oldest forms of currency in the world. Dating back to ancient Greece and Rome, gold coins have been used as currency for thousands of years. While gold is still a popular precious metal, its usage is slowly fading as people are turning away from coins.

Silver Coins

To this date, silver coins are the only currency that has retained its purchasing power over time, so they’re not only valuable as a collector’s item, but they’re also good investments that hold their value over time. In fact, silver coins have a higher overall value than gold, although it’s much rarer.

Gold Jewelry

Buying jewelry is an investment. Knowing which jewelry to buy and which pieces to invest in is much different from knowing which pieces to throw away. As you shop, consider the qualities of gold and how that impacts your jewelry investment. Gold is a precious metal that can be mixed with other metals to form jewelry. Pure gold is too soft to make jewelry, so gold jewelry is formed by combining gold with metals such as silver, copper, and nickel.

IRA services

Bullion Star Gold Bars

The Bullion Star does not offer precious metals ira or own ira services; however, customers may avail themselves at IRA club, a self-directed IRA third party administrator. The IRA fees for Bullion Star IRA are dependent on the ira club fees.

Gold and silver are precious metals that have been used and valued throughout time. With prices going up over time, more long-term investors are investing in these metals.

Precious metals in an IRA, or Individual Retirement Account, is a popular way to invest in these metals. IRAs are a type of tax-advantaged retirement account, and precious metals, such as gold and silver, are often included as assets in them.

How to Avail Products on Bullion Star

Individuals are able to use Bullion Star’s service in two different ways. The first option entails making a transaction online, and the other entails making the buy directly at the company’s physical shop.

The company’s physical gold shop is open to customers without an arrangement needed, allowing them to get all their queries answered there. On the other side, there are a number of steps users need to do in order to use Bullion Star online service.

Steps on Online Service of Bullion Star

Register Online

The initial step is not too difficult. Making a new account on the Bullion Star website is all that customers need to do. It’s important to highlight that the business supports four distinct languages, allowing customers to select the one with which they are most familiar.

Select Product

The customer can start an online cart and add whatever items they wish to it after looking at all the promotions the company has to offer. Additionally, customers have the option to change or remove the cart entirely.

Select Delivery Option

The customers have the option to select pick-up, shipment, or safe storage. The pick-up procedure logically entails visiting the physical store to pick up the order. On the other side, customers can have their orders transported anywhere in the world or Store their assets in the vault offered by the company.


Orders that have already been shipped include a tracking number, which may be used on Bullion Star’s webpage to follow the order. Depending on the purchase and the destination, the shipping procedure can take up to a week. Remember that every package is fully covered for its complete replacement cost.

Place the Order and Pay

The order must be approved before being placed on the website, which is the last stage. The customer will then be asked to enter their bill payment details to complete the transaction after finishing that process.

Payment Option

Cash, checks, online payments, and cryptocurrencies may be used to pay at Bullion Star. Since not all Precious metal dealers allow customers to utilize that payment option, Bullion Star’s acceptance of cryptocurrencies has increased the reason to invest in these items globally.

Bullion Star Pricing and Fees

Product prices

The pricing of precious metals on the Bullion Star website is based on the current spot prices. The price is automatically updated every time, so there’s no risk of getting unfair prices on their products and services.

Storage Fees

The annual storage fee for Gold at Bullion Star is 0.39 percent. For platinum and Silver items, however, the business levies a 0.59 percent annual fee. Users can visit the Bullion Stars webpage to get a thorough explanation of what to anticipate.


To sum it up, Bullion Star, a global online precious metals trading platform, is Singapore’s leading authorized precious metal dealer to be approved by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. As a permitted precious metals dealer, Bullion Star is authorized to sell and issue precious metals in Singapore or around the globe.

The Bullion Star offers investors a simple platform to buy, sell and store precious metals. This platform is for beginner investors who want to learn more about investing and how gold and silver can protect their money.

Users can buy gold, silver, platinum, and palladium all from one spot. Customers have found this website very interesting, and it has become one of the leading bullion dealers and investments on the market. If you’re on the hunt for more bullion options, then Bullion Max is one that you want to check out.

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