Boston Bullion Review

Boston Bullion Review

In recent years, there seems to be no lack of precious metals dealers marketing their products and services online. Trying to look for trustworthy, reliable, and reputable precious metal dealers can be a bit puzzling and confusing, especially for novice and professionals alike. Today is the best time to join the precious metals industry to buy silver and gold.

Boston Bullion

On the other hand, the question is where to purchase precious metals? Luckily, investors of precious metals never had more choices than they have at this point; this Boston Bullion review will talk about one of the best dealers of precious metals.  So, what are you waiting for? Set back, relax and keep on reading!

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Boston Bullion is a reliable company that deals in platinum, palladium, silver, gold, and other types of precious metals. This precious metal dealer has a storefront that it utilizes to serve the customer in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the nearby areas. If you live miles away, you can buy precious metals by visiting the company’s official website. They stand out when it comes to buying and selling precious metals.

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Boston Bullion Review: Getting to Know More About this Company

About Boston Bullion

Boston Bullion is located in Cambridge and serves both national and local clients. The company has a storefront where they conduct local business. In the meantime, the site enables people to buy and sell their assets from farther away.

They provide silver, gold as well as other types of precious metals in an array of different products. One of the most popular metals the company offers is a rare coin. Palladium and platinum products are available from time to time; however, more rarely than silver and gold.

Clients can sort between the categories of silver and gold products on the official website as fast and easily as possible. The site shows prices for some precious metals. The prices displayed online are based on the price of silver or gold on the market on any specific day. The unpriced silver or gold coins require a quote as they are rare collectibles.

If you decide to buy gold and silver or any form of precious metal, you can utilize the online marketplace. It is possible to get the order put together prior to speaking to an employee. After paying, the precious metals will be delivered to you right at your doorstep. If you reside in Massachusetts, you can buy precious metals by dropping by the company’s storefront.

You’ll need to contact the company to make the final order. You will also need to confirm your delivery information as well as the quality of the precious metals that you like to buy.

The company provides an array of resources for those who like to get to know more about gold, silver, palladium, and other kinds of precious metals.  The company also keeps a blog that comments on many factors which affect the gold and silver marketplace. Also, they have a FAQ section and many resources which explain the value and price of every precious metal.

Because the value of the precious metals is clearly listed on the official website, clients can compare the value of each one to the competing dealers. A lot of other companies out there will not provide you a quote until you keep in touch with them, which makes it harder to research superb competing values and prices.

Pricing is relatively fair and does not have similar big markups which some dealerships utilize. Since there is not a big percentage or commission, you tend to see development with this investment in due course. For a small business with few workers, the site is well-made, and it is user-friendly and easy to navigate compared to its many rivalries.

Fast and Easy Process of Buying Precious Metals

You can make your order by utilizing the company’s website online shopping cart. However, the site is not set up with an online platform, and you need to contact the company during business hours to make your order. Therefore, even if you are able to put your things together in advance, the shopping cart looks like a shopping list.

Once you make an order via call, the value of the precious metals is locked. You will not be able to see a surge in the cost, although the price of gold or silver increases. What is more, you agree to make the procurement even when the price goes down after the value of the precious metals lock.

The best thing about this precious metal dealer is that they offer various kinds of payment modes. You can choose the payment method that is convenient for you.  Here are some of the payment methods to choose from:

Cashier’s check

Wire transfer

Personal check

Boston Bullion doesn’t accept credit cards for checkout. Once you pay via check, the postmark date should be in the period of 48 hours following confirmation of the order. You are anticipated to mail your payment 24 hours after placing your orders.

Once you order precious metals, at least 5oz of gold or silver, you are entitled to free delivery. On the other hand, for smaller procurement, you’ll need to give out a flat rate of $19.95. This is relatively a bit higher compared to other precious metal dealers that charge higher, specifically if you are shipping to anywhere in the United States.

Orders are delivered with registered priority mail; therefore, you are able to get them in only a few business days of delivery. The fact that the boxes come with complete product insurance, you’ll have to register for them. If no one is there to sign, the post office will try to redeliver the product afterward.

The simplest way of paying your orders is by utilizing a bank wire transfer. What is more, to missing out on snail mail is that these orders were delivered in just a matter of two days after payment clearance. If you utilize any form of a check, the company is needed to hold onto the precious metals for at least ten business days prior to sending them.

Setup and Policies

Setup and Policies

This company is an expert in bullion instead of numismatic rarities and other collectibles. There’s a rule against returns. On the other hand, the company does state that provided you call the customer hotline number about any problems within three days after getting your order. They will do everything to address the issue.

One vital aspect of this company is that it was very simple and straightforward with regard to pricing. There are not any extra delivery and handling and brokerage charges. All are rolled into the value quote, which you acquire if you lock in the sale.

Once you buy the bullion in another state, there is no need to worry about taxes. For those living in Massachusetts, sales tax is waived, provided that the order placed is more than 1,000 dollars. There is no requirement that any of the wire transfers or checks be reported to the government.

Also, the company works diligently to keep the value of the metals competitive. Aside from analyzing the international market value of gold and silver, they also analyze the price of every bar or coin they offer. With the use of volume discounts with the distributions, they can sell the precious metals at a very low price without losing gains and profits.

There’s a fair number of inventory available at the company. Once you make a small number of coins, the procurement will be done from the company’s storefront inventory. On the other hand, once you order in bulk or purchase bullion in a large volume, Boston Bullion will source the bullion from any of the distributors.

This enables you to have access to the coins for a low price. This is because of the wholesale discounts provided by the company. Also, you don’t need to worry about an increase in shipping overhead.

If you buy gold investment coins or silver coins with Boston Bullion, typically, you will get newly minted coins from the existing year rather than historical rarities.

Boston Bullion Selling Items

Boston Bullion Selling Items

If you have any of the precious metals mentioned on their website, you can sell them to Boston Bullion. It doesn’t matter if you purchase them from the company or not.  Boston Bullion will just accept gold and silver coins in the original packaging or items which meet the grading quality standards.

A lot of buy prices are quoted at three percent lower than the sale prices provided by the company. They are extremely transparent regarding the formula they utilize to figure out the quote on the site.

Is Boston Bullion Scam or Not?

A lot of people are asking if Boston Bullion is a scam or not. Even if this company is renowned for working with clients in Massachusetts, they also provide legit services and products to other places. This company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ ranking, and there are a lot of positive feedback and customer reviews on different review websites.

Dependable and Honest Precious Metals Dealers

A lot of clients praise the owner of Boston Bullion for being dependable and honest. He was able to provide simple answers regarding pricing and can answer queries regarding precious metals.

The company’s storefront is always open for an appointment if you want to buy or sell precious metals, while those who live in other places wishing to buy can put their orders online.

Boston Bullion Pros

Boston Bullion receives a lot of positive feedback on different online reviews from different customers and has a high BBB rating.

Prices are listed online based on the international market value

Trustworthy and honest

Fair price

The company owner has been praised in customer reviews for being honest, dependable, and straightforward.

Offers accurate and reliable information about precious metals.


Usually, business done at the storefront instead of over the net

You should contact the customer hotline number to finish the order process and then check out over the net.

Final Verdict

As a whole, Boston Bullion is a reliable precious metals dealer that has a good reputation and standing. This is a solid company that allows you to buy or sell precious metals by going to their storefront or online. This is a small business; however, it is able to obtain a high ranking in BBB.

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