Best 1oz Gold Bar To Buy

The Best 1 Oz Gold Bar to Buy as an Investor

1 oz gold bars are investment-grade gold bullion bars with an exact weight of 1 troy ounce or 31.1034768 grams. Some experts consider them better options than gold bullion coins.

These gold bars tend to have a minimum of 99.9% fineness, purity, or gold content. They are created as minted or cast bars with different looks and feels.

This article will explore 1 oz gold bars and why they are excellent physical gold investments.

Why Invest in 1 Oz Gold Bars?

1 oz gold bars are one of the most popular gold bullion bars on the gold market. They are reasonably priced and excellent candidates for insured delivery and secure storage.

One-ounce gold bars are popular in domestic and foreign markets, are conveniently proportioned, reasonably priced, and may make thoughtful gifts. However, they are better as an investment or a store of value.

Popular 1 Oz Gold Bar Designs

Gold Bar Designs

Even seasoned investors might become confused if every gold bullion bar got included. Therefore, we decided to make it easier for you to choose by providing additional information about the most well-known mints and manufacturers of 1-ounce gold bars. Let’s take a look:

  • Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bar

The Royal Canadian Mint produces 1 oz gold bars bearing its official mark. French and English names of the mint encircle the exquisite, stylized maple leaf on the 0.9999 pure gold bar.

  • Perth Mint Gold Bar

Australia’s most renowned refineries make the Perth mint 1 oz gold bars.

Two recognizable emblems appear in its conventional style, with the eloquent Perth Mint Swan logo on the reverse side. The back of the bar has a repeating pattern of a jumping kangaroo.

  • Sunshine Mint Gold Bar

Sunshine Minting is well-known worldwide for its distinctive security feature, MintMark SI, which verifies the authenticity of your gold bar. The bald eagle from the Sunshine Mint is shown on the bar’s reverse side, spreading its massive wings across the sun’s rays.

  • PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna Gold Bar

This striking mint earns a spot among the most well-known gold bar designs in the entire globe. The ground-breaking Veriscan technology used by the Swiss premium refinery PAMP Suisse further ensures the bar’s authenticity. Lady Fortuna, the Roman goddess of luck and fortune, exquisitely decorates the obverses of these bars. Speaking of which, if you’re looking for a Swiss American company, then check out the Swiss America reviews that have been published.

  • Scottsdale Mint Gold Bars

Here, the Swiss Argor-Heraeus and the United States Scottsdale Mint collaborate to create a stunning design using two of the most known gold refineries in the world. On the obverse side of the bar are the words “Scottsdale Gold” and an exquisite rendition of the majestic Scottsdale lion.

  • Royal Mint Britannia Gold Bar

Since the time the ancient Romans governed the island, a firm yet graceful female personification of Britannia has appeared on the gold coins in the kingdoms of Britain. The Royal Mint issued 1 oz. gold bars with the regal Britannia carrying a trident and a shield in the 20th century.

Gold Bars vs. Gold Coins?

Gold Bars and Gold Coins

There are numerous popular certified coins and bullion coins available for selection, but gold bars are also a choice that may enable you to meet your financial objectives. Although gold coins are more popular than bars, you should consider adding gold bars to your precious metals portfolio for several reasons. There are more advantages to purchasing gold bars and gold coins.

Advantages of Buying Gold Bars

The sizes of the rectangular slabs of 0.999 pure gold range from 1 ounce to 1 kilogram, with various quantities in between. Gold bars are private, portable, and liquid-like coins. However, their benefits are sometimes underappreciated compared to gold coins.

Fast, High-Volume Diversification

Gold bars are the best form of high-volume gold hedging. They are one of the quickest methods to add to your portfolio of precious metals because of their size and simplicity. You can do so in about the same amount of time it takes to complete your payment and send your order. Purchasing gold bars might be the quickest way to acquire substantial amounts of gold when speed is a priority.

More Ounces, For Less

Gold bars are excellent if you want physical gold at the lowest price per ounce. This is because you can typically buy more ounces of gold for the same price as individual coins.

Lower Average Premium

Premiums on gold bars are often less expensive than those for gold coins of the same weight and purity. This is because of the cost of production, which is of utmost importance. Due to their detailed design, emphasis on condition and look, and higher labor and machining expenses, gold coins can cost more to create than gold bars. Additionally, the weight of a gold bar determines its price. The gold content is not the only aspect affecting how much a coin will ultimately cost. Some expert coin collectors consider the grade and rarity to determine the final price of certified gold coins.

Easy Storage

Gold bars are ideal for convenient storage due to their small size, strength, and portability. They can be stacked or kept next to one another in storage, with or without packing for protection. Depending on the type of currency and how it is stored, a gold bar may also take up less space than the equivalent amount of ounces in coins.

Privately Minted

Most gold bars are offered by reputable public and commercial mint companies. These include the Royal Canadian Mint, Johnson Matthew, and Australia’s Perth Mint, all of which have distinguished international reputations. However, these gold bars are not produced by the US Mint. The manufacturer’s well-known hallmark and stamp with the bar’s purity, weight, refiner, and registration number are additional guarantees with high-quality gold bars. This is possible even though many are not government-issued.

Easy to Buy and Sell

Simply put, gold bars contain pure gold. They are among the most simple precious metal types to comprehend. A bar often lacks historical value, unique to one culture or country, nor are there any detailed decorations or specific finishes that must be preserved to near perfection. Due to their accessibility and attraction to a wide range of buyers—commercial, private, domestic, or international—gold bars can be simple to acquire and sell.v

Advantages of Buying Gold Coins

Coins are one of the more well-known ways to possess gold and other precious metals. The fascination of gold coins has captivated civilizations worldwide since King Croesus of Lydia authorized the creation of the first coin in about 550 BC. Gold is still captivating today.


There are several gold coin alternatives for size, design, price, rarity, etc. You can choose gold bullion coins, proof coins, or collectibles, depending on your specific goals, financial situation, and personal preferences.

Legal Tender

The quality, weight, and gold content of several gold coins are guaranteed by the sovereign governments that produce them. A legislative body and advisory council approve designs, assuring consistency and design integrity.


A wide range of styles, prices, and sizes make gold coins flexible. Small and large purchases and sales are also possible, and you can spread out your activity across longer time frames to take advantage of fluctuating gold prices.

Numismatic Potential

Some gold coins, as opposed to gold bars, have numismatic potential. This indicates that in addition to having a high rate of appreciation based on their condition, rarity, and demand, they also have a demonstrated intrinsic metal value. Their “worth” comprises historical and aesthetic value, just like with art.

Gold Coins or Bars?

Business Insider reports that since 2013, the world’s gold output has been declining, a trend that is mirrored in declining gold mining reserves and a decline in the number of new mine projects and expansions. Owning some gold may be preferable to owning none, given the declining amount of gold each year.

Gold bars and gold coins can operate in tandem to strengthen your precious metals portfolio and provide you with peace of mind by hedging against life’s many risks. Consider it as locking the windows and doors to your house. A good check is one. It is preferable to check both.

What Other Types of Gold Bullion Products Should I Consider Buying?

You can buy gold coins and gold sovereigns if you want other options instead of gold bars. Popular gold coins offer higher traditional value and smaller divisibility of investment.

A gold coin is also cheaper to acquire compared to larger gold bars.

What Is The Price Of a 1 Oz Gold Bar?

Three factors, including the gold price or gold spot price, are used to determine the cost of a 1 oz gold bar:

  • The cost of one ounce of pure gold that is ready for immediate delivery is known as the gold spot price. Usually, major bullion banks trading in real-time around the globe make the best bids and offers for gold.
  • The volume of pure gold that makes up a gold bar affects the cost of the precious metal. When considering impurities, a 1 oz gold bar will weigh slightly more than one troy oz since it contains 0.999 or 0.9999 parts pure gold.
  • A percentage adjustment that is added to or subtracted from the value of the gold bar’s spot price is known as the gold price premium. The amount of gold a client wants to invest also affects the price of a gold bar. Due to supply and demand in the market, larger amounts of gold attract lower gold premiums. The competitive dynamics between gold brokers that sell gold bars also play a huge role.

Should Investors Buy 1 Oz Gold Bars?

Investors should choose the bullion product that provides the best return on investment. This involves obtaining the gold that has the maximum intrinsic value for your budget. The ideal method for purchasing gold ultimately relies on your particular circumstances. Everything discussed shows that it all comes down to personal preferences.

1 oz gold bars typically command premiums between 2.5% and 3.75%. They are excellent for amassing gold at appealing premiums far less expensive than gold coins. Gold investors should buy gold bars from a reliable source to prevent losing their funds to crooks.

A lot of people also ask the question, “Where can I buy gold bars?” Click the link to find out the answer to this question as it will help you understand the why and where of investing in gold bars.

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