AUSecure Review

AUSecure Review

The world has gone through a lot of innovations, especially in the e-commerce industry.

With that in mind, consumers can find and purchase almost everything online. Considering such innovations, investors can manage their investment portfolio easier.

Aside from digital stocks, most investors are also looking for extraordinary forms of investments, including metals and real estate. The good thing is that performing such activity can be done through your mobile gadgets.

Metals are always in demand, especially during the low state of the economy. With multiple downturns happening in the stock market, many individuals have decided to invest their collectible coins in metals for financial protection. This form of investment is also resistant to inflation, which keeps every buck more valuable.

If you are searching for the best platform or software that will allow you to invest in precious metals, you may want to try AUSecure. You can invest metals through this website in a few clicks only. But since any investment requires many coins, many of you may ask about its legitimacy.

Before you move on, we invite you to peruse our list of the best gold IRA’s and see which firms we fully endorsed.  (See if the AUSecure reviews were enough to include them on our exclusive list.)

Worry no more! In this AUSecure review, we will help you better understand AUSecure and give you its features so you can make an informed investment decision.

Understanding AUSecure

Aside from being a completely Free Gold IRA Guide company, AUSecure is also a certified broker of treasured metals.

It has celebrated its first debut in 2009 at the Downtown Chicago Mercantile Exchange. From 2009 onwards, the company take advantage of the technology and pay more attention to trading precious metals. This is the reason why AUSecure outstands the market competition.

AUSecure is composed of professional and knowledgeable employees that will accommodate the queries of customers. Beyond that, they also work in guiding the clients to access the marketplace where different special metals are available for sale.

Aside from that, AUSecure is also popular for people interested in expanding their wealth as they provide various ongoing investment opportunities. Such opportunities are associated with new technologies and modern innovations.

One of the main core values of AUSecure is to encourage clients to collaborate with them. AUSecure is known for their excellent customers as they have worked with various organizations in the same industry. Some of the company’s partners include the American Numismatic Association, the Chicago Innovation Exchange, and Uphold.

These collaborations aim to let customers and investors access a wide array of investment opportunities. Beyond that, such partnerships also helped them to establish more advanced platforms with better features. All these are possible because of the new technology.

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AUSecure And Other Metals Companies

What made AUSecure outstand its competitors is that they allow clients to invest in quality silver IRAs, Swiss gold bars, platinum and palladium, and other precious metals using their online website. In addition, their precious metals are also available in various configurations. AUSecure also enables you to avail of its storage services beyond helping you choose the best metals.

AUSecure created their storage services because they understand that keeping your precious metals in your property is not safe and often associated with risks. AUSecure will deliver your purchased precious metals directly to their available storage facility to place your securely purchase bars.

You can also visit their official e-commerce website to buy precious metals. You can do the purchase without any hassle as no customer service representative will interrupt your focus on choosing the best metal to invest in. This is another reason that made them different from other metal companies that require you to go through collaborative processes before you place and confirm an order.

How Does AUSecure Work

How Does AUSecure Work

The service you will choose will affect the processes and reviews involved in working with AUSecure. The company is first known by individuals for selling precious metals. That is why this is the most patronized service by investors.

Listed below are the essential process you need to undergo if you are interested in purchasing precious metals through their website:

• Visit their website

• Once done, you will find submenus, including gold, silver, platinum, Mexican palladium, and coin supplies. Select one according to your choice.

• Explore the precious metals included in every category.

• Once you decide which metal to purchase, click ADD TO CART.

• Once done, go to the homepage and confirm your order.

Considering today’s time, most of you have experienced shopping online. AUSecure website works like other e-commerce sites available on the internet. Thus, you can easily navigate their features. What made this marketplace easy to access is its simple yet secure facility processes. All you have to do is to provide your name and the address you want your purchases to be delivered to.

If you find the procedures a bit overwhelming, you can easily contact their customer service representatives. You can either contact them directly through the website or through their hotline number.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of AUSecure

Advantages of AUSecure

Most of you may be thinking that AUSecure is a perfect place to purchase precious metals. Like all other companies, AUSecure has its flaws and imperfections.

To help you decide whether this is the best place to invest in precious metals, we have listed the pros and cons of the business.


  • Has positive AUSecure reviews from different users and other review websites, including the BBB rating (Better Business Bureau)
  • Aside from Better Business Bureau, AUSecure is also reviewed by other trustworthy websites, including Business Consumer Alliance.
  • The website is user-friendly and has easy-to-navigate tabs and menus.
  • They accept on-hand cash as payment in exchange for their goods.
  • You can set up your business account in just a few steps.


  • Some, especially those new in the investment industry, may find the IRA setup procedure a little bit overwhelming.
  • Only a few customers leave their reviews about the business.

AUSecure And Their IRA Services

AUSecure IRA Services

The metal industry has also evolved significantly. AUSecure offers compelling IRA services. This feature allows you to use your metals to access goldco direct existing IRA. To do so, you also need to invest in metals approved by IRS. In addition, you also need to buy an IRS-approved metal storage facility from an authorized curator.

AUSecure also offers its vending machine which allows investors and buyers to order and get their gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and other metals conveniently.

Not all investors have an ideal portfolio to allow them to invest in precious metals. But, most people have their bank accounts that house untouched thousands to millions of dollars for early retirement planning. Investing your fiat currency in precious metals will give you added protection when there is a massive economic crash.

Remember that you don’t need to pay dividends when you invest in precious metals. In other words, AUSecure offers services and products with no hidden fees. The only thing you need to pay is for its maintenance and secure storage. The good thing about a self-direction IRA is that you can control and access your purchased metal assets anytime you want.

Compared to a conventional IRA, a self-directed IRA also allows you to store other types of assets, such as precious metals and real estate. You don’t need to work with an investment manager when selecting your investment portfolio distribution.

Most investment professionals will advise you to invest at least 10 percent of your savings. This is enough to crash-proof your silver coins and investments in the future. AUSecure is a team of professionals with a specialization in IRAs. This means that they know custodial options, IRS regulations, and other important paperwork related to the industry.

Another unique thing about IRAs is that they can help and allow investors to curate precious metal IRAs. You do so by following the steps they enforced.

• Talk to AUSecure customer representative by dialing their hotline number you can find on their website.

• Talk with the representative about your purpose, and they will guide you throughout the entire process needed to open a self-directed IRA.

• After you have created an account, open it and deposit your desired amount of funds. If you allow AUSecure to be your account representative, they can accomplish the whole process faster.

• You can now use your rare American mint coins directly from your newly created account to buy metals. Make sure to choose IRA-qualified precious metals IRA.

• Once the payment is complete, the company representative will contact you for your invoice. After that, your purchased items will be shipped to your desired custodial storage facility with an estimated shipping time of less than an hour.

Generally, the process for creating an IRA account is fast and easy to accomplish. The company ensures that customers will understand the process to make an account successfully.

What Payment Methods Are Available

Some companies that offer precious metals only accept personal checks and wire transfers as a mode of payment. Fortunately, AUSecure is different. The company gained the trust and loyalty of many customers by accepting payments through multiple methods, such as certified checks, money orders, personal checks, cashier checks, bank wires, credit cards, and more.

In addition, the company also accepts on-hand coins. In some cases, they may require you cash reporting. But, you don’t have to deal with this, especially if the total amount is no more than 1,000 US Dollars. Individuals who prefer this method are those with other reasons apart from IRA investing.

AUSecure – Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Since you will use your fiat currency to invest in precious metals IRA, the first thing that may bother you is the legibility of a company or website.

Since most scammers use advanced technologies, they can easily hack your new account for malicious activities.

With all the details mentioned above, we can say that AUSecure is a 100% legitimate company that offers different metals. Most of its customers leave positive reviews about the company. Thus, AUSecure gained an A+ overall rating.

If you try to visit their website, you will notice that no customers leave complaints or negative reviews. This only shows the legibility and reliability of the company. With that in mind, we highly recommend this company for individuals interested in investing in precious metals and IRA services.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, AUSecure is one of the most established and patronized precious metals companies that specializes in precious metal trading. The company stands out in the competition because of the AUSecure products and services they offer in different variations.

Although the website does not have more online reviews than others, we can still say that it is reliable and legit. So, if you are searching for a great company with excellent service, it would b best to try AUSecure. This will keep your precious metals IRA safe and sound in their secure storage facility room with affordable storage fees.

Remember, metals you can buy in this company include gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Rest assured that many have trusted this company because of its compelling services and positive reviews.

We would be so glad to read your comments. What is your feedback about our AUSecure reviews? Please write them down in the comment section below.

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