Are Gold IRAS Safe?

Are Gold IRAs Safe?

Understanding Gold IRAs

Defining Gold IRAs

Physical gold and other precious metals represent investment options that you may be considering. While there are several documented ways of making such an investment, the idea of precious metals IRAs is one of the attractive ones you may be considering. Unsure what this means? Read our detailed guide to begin to understand a Gold IRA first.

Such a self-directed IRA is not too dissimilar to standard retirement accounts, with the difference being that the underlying asset here is gold.

Gold IRA Functioning

The idea of such an account is to take advantage of the advantages that come with investing in gold with an account that is meant to provide long-term benefits when retirement comes around. Bear in mind that these accounts work like their standard IRA counterparts, as you will note below.

The Role of Custodians in Gold IRAs

The account will require a custodian, which will be responsible for the acquisition of the gold and the subsequent transfer to whichever depository will be holding the physical gold.

Gold IRA: Physical Asset Investment

Unlike some other forms of gold investment types, you will not be holding the physical gold, though it will be backing the IRA. Instead, it will be held in an IRS-approved depository.

Gold IRA Safety Assessment

One of the critical elements that we must point are scammers, which do exist and you’ll need to be able to distinguish friend from foe. For this reason, we have a detailed guide on gold IRA scams, which gives you all the knowledge on how to recognize and not fall into a trap.

Determinants of Gold IRA Safety

Safety in the sense of gold IRA investing can mean a couple of different things. The first is the safety of going the precious metals route as an investment vehicle and how reliable it is. While the very nature of investments is one of uncertainty, some may carry a higher level of risk than others.

Physical precious metals, especially gold, have proven themselves to be a relatively safe form of investment. A part of this is the metal’s ability to retain its value, especially during periods where inflation causes Fiat currencies to be less feasible than they would be otherwise.

The other element of the safety of a precious metals IRA is the security of the physical gold itself. After all, you will not be able to hold it while it’s associated with the retirement account.

Provided that you work with a reliable Gold IRA firm and an IRS-approved depository, this does not have to be a concerning prospect. Once the purchase is made from the precious metals dealer and the transportation is complete, approved depositories will have the kind of security present to mitigate losses.

Gold IRA Insurance Coverage

There tends to be an insurance element provided that will allow you to recoup losses up to a certain amount in the unlikely incident that an unfortunate occurrence does take place. This is one of the reasons why the IRS mandates the holding of the gold in one of these locations as you likely would not be able to provide a certain level of security or may not have an adequate insurance policy.

Market Risks and Gold IRA Safety

One of the overarching risks is the fact that regardless of gold’s performance up until now, there’s no telling where it will go in the future. If the price were to crash, you run the risk of incurring losses from your investment.

Counterfeit gold is also a concern, which is why you want to ensure that the depository you work with is reputable.

Contrasting Gold IRAs with Traditional and Roth IRAs

In this section, we’ll touch upon the difference between Gold IRAs and Roth IRAs, but also include Traditional IRAs into the mix.

Traditional and Roth IRAs

Tax Implications: Gold IRA Vs Roth IRA

Taxation with these gold IRA variations works the same way as their standard counterparts. For example, with a Roth gold IRA, post-tax funds will be used for the investment. This means that growth can be tax-free and there is no worry for taxation when withdrawal time comes around.

Withdrawal Regulations: Gold IRA Vs Traditional IRA

There are also gold IRAs that follow the same principles as traditional IRAs. For example, any early withdrawals from a traditional gold IRA before the age of 59 1/2 are the subject of a 10% extra tax.

Diversification Potential: Gold IRA Vs Roth IRA

A diverse portfolio sees a combination of asset types. This is a good idea as it offers a measure of protection if one of these assets should perform poorly.

A typical Roth IRA provides less alternative diversification potential as the asset classes follow traditional norms such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. A gold IRA, as the name implies, gives the option of gold as an alternative investment option, which contributes greatly to the goal of diversity.

Factors to Evaluate Before Gold IRA Investment

Bottom line gold IRAs can be a very attractive prospect for many of the reasons highlighted above. After all, gold is a great inflation hedge, and the accounts even work just like the familiar retirement accounts that people will turn to. However, there is more to think about before running full speed ahead with a precious metal IRA. Here are some of the common considerations.

Verification of Gold IRA Custodians

A gold IRA custodian will be needed to navigate the process of getting the IRA set up and the gold purchased. Not all IRA companies or custodians are built equal. It means, therefore, that some time will need to be spent on research to ensure that a reputable custodian is being used.

Assessing the Gold Quality

The previous point feeds into this element, which is the quality of the gold being purchased. The IRS has strict requirements for what kinds of gold can be used in the context of an IRA. For example, while gold American Eagle coins are allowed, collectibles aren’t. This is another reason to work with a reputable company as it can provide direction to guide the purchases.

Timing Your Gold IRA Investment

The timing of elements of the investment is also a big one. For example, since traditional and Roth gold IRAs use pre-tax and post-tax funds, respectively, which one should you use? You can’t always predict when taxation and income figures will peak, but your expectations in this regard will guide the better option.

potential fee considerations when choosing a gold ira custodian

Understanding Gold IRA Fees

There are costs associated with gold IRA fees that you will have to deal with. The IRA company you select may have one-time and recurring fees for the maintenance of your account, alongside other fees such as those paid to the depository. These will need to be understood and considered.

Gold’s Historical Performance as an Investment

Gold as an Inflation Hedge

There is a reason why gold has traditionally been sought after when there were times of uncertainty with Fiat currencies. Gold, being finite, has an independent value, which is largely unaffected negatively by money losing its purchasing power. Hence, you’ll find that converting holdings to gold is not an abnormal practice.

Gold’s Resilience During Economic Downturns

This is an extension of the previous point. Realistically, many investment vehicles will be greatly affected when economic uncertainty arises, and this could see investments losing traction quickly. Gold, however, with its ability to hold its value makes it perfect for providing some form of stability.

Analyzing the Pros and Cons of Gold IRAs

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of gold IRAs.  We have detailed guide regarding the advantages and disadvantages of gold IRA, but in this article we wanted to briefly touch upon those that seem important to know right away.

Advantages of Gold IRAs

The benefits of a gold IRA include:

  • Since the correlation of gold to more traditional assets such as stocks is not very significant, it’s a great option for portfolio diversification.
  • Gold is a great hedge against inflation, having a value that moves independently of what may be happening with Fiat currencies.
  • The tax advantages are well understood as they are identical to those of standard IRAs.

Potential Drawbacks of Gold IRAs

The drawbacks include:

  • The different fees that come with gold IRAs are higher than those of standard IRAs. These can eat into the investment quite a bit depending on their significance.
  • A precious metals IRA can only be used with precious metals. There is no holding other assets within one.
  • Gold isn’t the easiest thing to value since there is no cash flow to speak of for its owner.

Gold IRA: A Risk Management Tool

Setting up a gold IRA protects you against some of the risks that can come with value fluctuations of other IRAs that are underpinned by stocks, for example. That makes it a great way to provide a safety net to some extent when used in conjunction with other investment types.

Gold IRA Management and Maintenance

Addressing Liquidity Issues in Gold IRAs

The principle of liquidity speaks to the ability to turn an asset into cash. Even in its physical state, gold is not the easiest thing to do this with as selling it can present a challenge. Buyers may not want to go anywhere near the original price, after all.

Therefore, getting out of the IRA may mean having to absorb a loss, and that’s assuming selling that gold goes well.

Understanding Early Withdrawal Penalties

Penalties will typically be seen with traditional gold IRAs. There will be a 10% penalty applied for withdrawals made before the account holder becomes 59 1/2 years old. Roth IRAs don’t have this problem as contributions can always be withdrawn. It’s earnings that must be accessed after 59 1/2, and you can’t even attempt to draw it before without an exception.

reporting gold ira status to irs

Strategies for Long-term Gold IRA Maintenance

Thankfully, there isn’t much for you to do as an account owner when you have a gold IRA. However, you are encouraged to review the state of the IRA periodically and also ensure that the various fees are being paid.

That’s not to say maintaining one requires no work. However, much of the administrative tasks such as reporting on the IRA to the IRS will be handled by the depository/custodian on your behalf.

Comparing Gold IRAs with Other Investment Options

Gold IRAs Vs Stock Investments

This is a well-known and pretty straightforward investment type. Unlike gold, which is a bit more predictable, stocks can have large fluctuations based on market factors, though the aim is to hold until they appreciate.

Gold IRAs Vs Bond Investments

A bond is effectively lending money to an entity, and earning comes in the form of interest on this loan, with the principal being returned after holding the bond after the time determined. Of course, this means that bonds don’t have the best return rate, which can also be said about a gold IRA.

Gold IRAs Vs Real Estate Investments

Real estate investments can be quite lucrative, but they tend to require a lot more active involvement, even with the hiring of property managers. The investment amounts needed will typically be pretty significant, with the aim being to regain that initial investment over time.

Gold IRAs Vs Other Precious Metal IRAs

You may notice the terms “gold IRA” and “precious metals IRA” sometimes being used interchangeably and there is good reason for this as you can have an IRA setup that leverages other precious metals such as silver, platinum, and palladium. Verification will need to be done to ensure that a given IRA company supports IRAs backed by these metals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does a Gold IRA Make Money?

Unlike an investment in stocks that can yield profits through both capital appreciation and dividend payments, for example, when stocks that pay dividends are selected, gold IRAs will only provide earnings through appreciation in the value of the underlying gold, which is not guaranteed and will typically not yield the kind of results that a well-performing stock will.

What Are the Contribution Limits for a Gold IRA?

The contribution limits are set by the IRS and they will change progressively, which means that it’s important to remain abreast of where they stand for a given year. For example, in 2023, there was a $6,500 contribution limit set. However, an additional $1,000 may have been contributed by those over 50 for a $7,500 total. That total increased to $8,000 for 2024.

How Can I Ensure the Quality of Gold in My IRA?

Reference can be made to the approved list of gold coins and bullion by the IRS. Additionally, when using reputable Gold IRA companies such as Augusta Precious Metals, you will find that they will assist in making this much less of a hassle.

What Are the Tax Advantages of a Gold IRA?

The tax benefits related to gold IRA are the same as their standard counterparts. In other words, a traditional gold IRA will see you use pre-tax dollars, while a Roth gold IRA will see you pay taxes with post-tax dollars.

Are There Early Penalties for Withdrawal from a Gold IRA?

If withdrawals are made before the age of 59 1/2 years old, there will be an early withdrawal penalty of 10% applied as it would with a standard IRA.


While much of a gold IRA’s composition is akin to its standard counterparts, that doesn’t mean that rushing into one blindly is a good idea. Take the time to ensure that the inner workings are understood in areas such as fees and the prospect of investing in gold.

Additionally, do the required research to ensure that the gold IRA company being used has a good reputation.

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