Acre Gold Review

Acre Gold Review: Is It Truly Legit?

Some people are curious about Acre Gold. Today, you’ll learn everything about the company in my review. I get questions thrown at me that basically ask…

Is Acre Gold legit?
Is there an Acre Gold scam?
Is Acre Gold worth it?

You’ll now have a chance to get answers to all those questions and more. See below for the details. In the meantime, I cover what Acre Gold is, what they do, how it works, the quality they provide, the website user experience, and so much more. Keep reading for all the details…

My Acre Gold Review

Acre Gold is a different type of company. Yes, it’s a gold shop, and they’re a dime a dozen, but Acre Gold offers a different type of service to investors who may not have the money on-hand to purchase gold in a larger quantity

This unique service is a monthly subscription that allows you to pay monthly towards a 2.5-gram gold bar. Once you have paid enough, your Acre Gold branded bar will be sent to your door and you can decide to continue on with the monthly subscription to start your next bar, or you can cancel. 

While an interesting concept, is choosing Acre Gold a good idea for the average investor? Keep reading this Acre Gold Review to find out!

Who is Acre Gold?

Acre Gold is a relatively newer company started by a group of experienced fintech veterans who wanted to change the way people could invest. Instead of heading to a store or precious metals broker, you pay monthly towards your subscription, essentially buying your gold in pieces. 

Acre Gold has two business locations: Boise, Idaho, and Santa Monica, California and are just under two years old. The founder of this business is Mr. Brendon McQueen, who also founded in 2012, a student loan managing platform.

McQueen also founded Shuttle Finance, was the Editor-in-Chief for Columbia Observer Magazine, spent time as a host and producer for public radio, and is also a filmmaker.  

How Does Acre Gold Work?

Essentially, Acre Gold is a gold layaway plan. You choose from one of four monthly subscription levels.

acre gold monthly subscription plans - acre gold review

Once you have paid enough towards your 2.5-gram gold bar, Acre Gold will ship the bar to you discreetly provided you have also paid the shipping and fulfillment fees. If you have leftover money, that rolls over to your next bar. Subscriptions are paid through ReCharge, an online subscription service. 

The Fees 

Besides choosing your subscription plan, you’ll also have to pay shipping and fulfillment fees. You will also pay a $3.35 processing fee and a $12 membership fee as long as you stay with the subscription. If you decide to cancel your service with Acre Gold, be prepared to pay a $20 cancellation fee. 

Acre Gold does not disclose the price for their gold bars as it is an ever-changing value. The length of time to pay off a gold bar, thus, will depend on the price of gold

Acre Gold’s Gold Quality


10 gram gold bar acre gold review

A positive with Acre Gold is that they are a transparent company and they do their best to keep their investors informed. You can rest assured that you’re going to get good quality products from them, with each gold bar being 0.9999 fine gold.

Each bar will be stamped “Acre Gold”, come to you in discreet packaging, and you will know the exact weight and authentication of each piece you receive. 

You will also receive a soft-touch box with a display drawer to let you show off your investments. 

Acre Gold’s Website

I really like the website for Acre Gold. It is easy to use and simple to navigate. You will find all the information you may need about Acre Gold, including fees, company basics, and the investment process. You will also come across customer testimonials, which are all positive. 

Where Acre Gold is lacking is in the minimalism of their site. Yes, it’s easy to use and clean, but there is nothing on the site for education, blog information, or even a FAQ page.

If you have questions about investing, you’ll probably have to do some research on your own and not on Acre Gold’s website. They do have social media, so if you’re using Facebook or Instagram, you can always contact them there.

You can also send them an email at [email protected]. There is no live chat feature and no phone number listed. Fortunately, if there have been any issues, Acre Gold works with but is not accredited by, the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which helps thousands of consumers every year. 

Every month after the second paid month you will receive a status email from Acre Gold, including your contributions and how much you have left to pay. You will also get an email keeping you in the loop about your shipment when it is time. 

What Do Consumers Say?

Acre Gold has generally good reviews about their services. They have over 70,000 followers on both Instagram and Facebook combined and they have a B- BBB rating.

Most of the complaints against Acre Gold are due to the inability to get in touch with a real human when there have been questions.

They also complain about slow response times and the lack of transparency due to only sending a monthly email and no real-time access to their site. 

Acre Gold’s Affiliate Program

Led by LeadDyno, Acre Gold has an affiliate program where you can earn a commission when you bring in business.

Online reviews of their services are excellent and once you join, they help you to begin selling and earning and they also allow you on their platform to monitor your account and live progress of your commissions. This is another unique feature that makes Acre Gold a standout. 

 The Final Verdict on Acre Gold is a baby in the world of gold, only coming into existence in 2021. But, being founded by a fintech entrepreneur and offering unique and interesting plans, Acre Gold is on its way to becoming a big player in the gold world.

They are still dealing with a little bit of a learning curve and they definitely need to work on improving parts of their business, but customers have been generally happy with what they’ve dealt with.

Acre Gold allows investors who may not have large sums of money laying around to get involved in investing affordably and easily. If you can deal with a newer company that still has some bumps along its way but will surely improve as they go on, then Acre Gold is a solid choice for your investment needs.

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